Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns by Alan Chapman

Out Now – Warner Bros.
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This I discovered is something that needs to be given time before deciding on whether you like it or not.

On first listen you will be wondering what the hell Linkin Park are up to. If you can accept the change in direction you will be rewarded because this album is a lot more electronic than any thing they have done before.

In fact it’s hardly a rock album at all but it still has their trade mark hooks that made them such a big band in the first place. This will leave so many questions about why they have changed their sound in such a radical way (if by stripping away the guitars is really that a big a change).

What will happen is this, those who already hate them will hate them even more, those fans who find change hard will say they have sold out etc etc, others will just love it, because of who it is. This leaves the rest of us to just to make our own minds up, and me? Well it’s grown on me, those hooks have me hooked.