Light of the Morning Star – Nocta

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Iron Bonehead
Released: 2017
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O-A – Everything


1. Nocta 03:55
2. Coffinwood 03:28
3. Serpent Lanterns 03:11
4. Grey Carriages 04:13
5. Crescentlight 03:40
6. Oleander Halo 04:21
7. Ophidian 04:03
8. Lord of All Graves 05:21
9. Five Point Star 03:48


Hailing from London, Light of the Morning star are a dark metal band who have just released their first full-length album, Nocta. I’m known for liking my fair share of vampiric bands (albeit some of them considered rather cheesy) so to see vampirism as one of the band’s main interests immediately sparked my interest.

The album opens with title track ‘Nocta’ and its heavily reverberated piano strike which immediately creates a gothic atmosphere. Musically there are combined influences of doom, black and gothic metal with doom’s depressive sludgy feel combining with black’s edginess and gothic’s atmospheric feel. The second track is in the same vein and follows nicely.

Throughout the release, the deep and somewhat detached doomy male vocals fit the music well and add to the overall dark atmosphere. Lyrically, the themes are somewhat cliché throughout, however musically the band is not as cheesy as others that show an interest in a similar subject matter.

Overall the album fits together well and is a darkly themed and atmospheric doomy trip. Everything is well mixed and produced. However, a lot of the tracks sound very similar and a little more variety would enhance things a lot.

Review by Jacob Ovington