Lethal Storm – We Are

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Independant
Released: 2013

Lethal Storm - We Are
Lethal Storm – We Are

Band line-up:
Vocals – Douglas Mota
Drums – Fabio Luiz
Guitar – Diego
Guitar – Luciano
Bass – Haroldo


Track listing:
1-Blood Storm
3-Words of mankind


The modern world shows a disdain for ambiguity and metal fans will ways have time for the kind of riffs that make you need shock absorbers in your underpants. I mean, what’s the need for subtlety mowing the lawn with tweasers when you have a perfectly good blowtorch on standby?

I present to you the winner of this year’s crap title awards; Lethal Storm’s 2013 EP release ‘We Are’. This Brazilian outfit formed in 2007 has seen several line up changes over the years and have now come up with something that leaves you feeling like your brains have been splattered across the street by a serial killer. I’m talking brutality! And I like it.

Some of the lyrics are a little difficult to make out but I like to imagine that script plays out something like a man complaining to his neighbour regarding his acquisition of an orchestra of pneumatic drill pistons. The album succeeds in drawing you into a shroud of darkness before flicking the lights back on in a gaslamp inferno that will leave you nodding like the proverbial Churchill dog.

The beats are organised and disciplined, with sections that do well to sustain intensity before unleashing chaos. It seems as if this has been crafted in sections that are sure to reap devastation when witnessed live. It’s ‘Us versus the Bastards’ on this one, and the only way through is to fight your way forward!

Review by Chris Brown