Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Bare Teeth Records
Released: 2014
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Last Minute To Jaffna
Last Minute To Jaffna

Andrea Galliverti – Bass
Andrea Skinner Pellegrino – Drums
Danilo Battocchio – Guitars
Valerio Damiano – Guitars, Vocals


1. Chapter V
2. Chapter XIII
3. Chapter XXV
4. Chapter VI
5. Chapter XI



This time, the Italian band Last Minute To Jaffna decided to explore their semi-acoustic side and delivered a slow and relaxing album, titled “Volume III”, which was released by Bare Teeth Records.

One of the first things noticed in this record is Valerio Damiano’s baritone and not so extravagant vocals that are very similar – or should we say influenced? – by Leonard Cohen or Black Lab’s Paul Durham. Even so, hoarse vocals near growling can be heard in the last track, “Chapter XI”.

The songs’ composition is very repetitive that’s only broken by some sound effects and ends to be relaxing and hypotonic, but not reaching psychedelic soundscapes. Those effects are usually electric ones delivered by the guitars above the calm and acoustic body, generally performed around the last phase of the songs acting somehow as a climax. The acoustic guitar is the most evident instrument with some leading moments, like solos or intros. The addition of a windy instrument acting like the main one gives to the track “Chapter XIII” a gloomy scent, not touching sadness, but solitude and a wandering landscape through New York city streets.

If you are in a violent day, it will make you angrier because it’s not what you need to listen to. If you are sad, your feelings won’t change. If you are happy, you will get bored. This album will work for you if you are in a steady state of mind in order to enjoy repetitive sounds and to search for tiny aspects that would pop-up during the listening. If you smoke a joint, I guess you will enjoy it too.