Last Minute To Jaffna – Volume III by Ben Spencer

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/ Label: Bareteeth Records
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Released: 2014 Last Minute To Jaffna - Volume IIIBuy Album:

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Band Line up Danilo Battocchio – guitar, fx Valerio Damiano – vocals, guitar Andrea Skinner Pellegrino – drums Gianmaria Asteggiano – bass

Track listing
1. Chapter V
2. Chapter XIII
3. Chapter XXV
4. Chapter VI
5. Chapter XI


Hailing from Italy, Last Minute To Jaffna have been harnessing their sound since 2006 with various releases along the way. Having shared stages with Scott Kelly and Wolves In the Throne Room, Volume III represents the band’s latest endeavours into the realms of psychedelic rock.

Opening with the melodic strumming of ‘Chapter V’, the clean vocals compliment the psychedelic influences that become prevalent from the outset. The track displays an interesting use of guitar effects around half way which help to keep the momentum going.

Next up, the brass sounding undertones of ‘Chapter XIII’ gives rise to dreamy soundscapes that will pull listeners in as the acoustic passages wade in effortlessly. ‘Chapter VI’ resonates with impressive drum work and haunting vocals shedding a far darker light into the band’s song writing abilities.

The acoustic guitar remains firmly present as the track is one that keeps you hooked throughout. Closing off with the down beat tones of ‘Chapter XI’, the soothing vocals and clean guitar drift by as the band showcase one final delivery of melodic mastery. Full of intensity and introspective lyrics the band retain a strong sense of quality control over their sound as the growls leak into the final moments of the track.

This record is one that remains fairly consistent and will no doubt appeal to fans of melodic guitar based music. Full of density and poetic meanderings this is a band to enjoy in quiet moments of inner reflection.

Review by Ben Spencer