Last Leaf Down – Fake Lights by Mark Hunter

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: Life Force Records
Released: 2014
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Last leaf DownBand Line up:

Benjamin Schenk – vocals/guitar
Sascha Jeger – guitar
Daniel Dorn – bass
Patrick Hof – drums

Track Listing:

1 – Refulgance (Intro)
2 – In Dreams
3 – The Thought That I Saw You
4 – In These Waters
5 – Inmost Life
6 – Giant
7 – Growing Fear
8 – The Theme
9 – An Endless Standoff
10 – Truth Is a Liar
11 – Wish To Leave
12 – Born Dead
13 – Fake Lights in the Sky


‘Fake Lights’ is the debut album from Swiss outfit Last Leaf Down. After a lineup change back in 2007, the band has gone from a dark/doom metal type band to their current 80s inspired shoegaze band.

I am a bit torn on this album, it has taken me a while to decide if it is my cup of tea or not. The answer is yes and no. I have listened to this several times over the last couple of weeks. There have been times were I just wasn’t into it, I wanted something more raucous, something more in your face and heavy. At other times it just seemed to fit like a glove. Each track flowing in an otherworldly haze of dreamy vocals and waves of layered guitar.

What I am trying to say is that I need to be in a certain mood, a certain state of mind to enjoy an album like this. I mean it’s not exactly gym music, that’s what Slayer is for. ‘Fake Lights’ is the sort of album you could listen to walking around the forest on an autumn day, or just laying in bed wanting to take yourself anywhere but where you are.

My only real gripe with the album is that, every so often, a song will start to build to a crescendo but that pay off just doesn’t come. There is no real pay-off, no real conclusion. Sometimes you just need that closure, at least I do.I guess that’s what you get with this type of music, not everyone will get it. However, if and when you do get it, it can be heavenly and beautiful, and this is largely what you get from Last Leaf Down.

Review By Mark Hunter