Lantlôs @ The Boston Music Rooms, London

23rd August 2014
Review by Ben Spencer
Video Footage Jo Blackened

So having ventured to part of North London I have never been too before, it was time to get a mid week fix of live music at the renowned Boston Music Rooms near Tufnell Park tube station.

Opening tonight’s bill, Krawwl [3/5] come crashing down at high velocity. Fully loaded with mammoth sounding guitars, pounding drums and deep throated growls. The band also displayed a well measured use of melody and managed to keep the venue engaged throughout. Further into their set they reveal that there is more to them than just metallic bravado as post rock interludes breeze through over the mix, making their sound soar even higher.
Definitely a band to keep note of.

Next up, Falloch [2/5] assume positions on stage and launch into their set at full force. The carefully laced riffs and shimmering melodies work well together and it’s clear they are a band who have a strong following.
However, vocally the band do fall short with too much emphasis upon monotonous clean vocals. This is not to say the vocals are necessarily weak, they just lacked the depth and variation necessary to deliver something truly memorable. The newer material from This Island Our Funeral demonstrated a sense of promise that could propel these guys further into new heights.

Fen [4/5] enter the stage with a mass applause from onlookers and unravel their mesmerizing Post Black melodies in ‘Hand of Dust’. As the guitars sweep past with delicate tones the track ruptures into a violent maelstrom of blast beats, fast guitars and visceral shrieks. ‘Of Wilderness and Ruin’ showcases an impressive hybrid of dense guitar passages and deep throated growls that all tie together into an impressive prog sounding beast, as the band flex their creative artistry.

The highest point the night the insanely tight drumming and shrilling sensation found in ‘Exile’s Journey’, that really gave these guys an edge over the other bands playing here tonight. With a new album set to be released this year and a great live performance you can expect to be hearing more from these guys and If any modern band in the genre requires your time and investment it is Fen.

As tonight’s head liners Lantlôs [3.5/5] take up arms on stage, the anticipation is high as the opening guitars of ‘Intrauterin’ erupt. The bleak sounding riffs and harsh growls barge onward into a tranquil passage that weave together seamlessly.

Next up, the cinematic sized intro of ‘Melting Sun I: Azure Chimes’ kicks in with little deliberation. As the vocalist intervenes, everything comes into focus, from the infectious riffs, an interesting bass grooves and hard hitting drums. The majority of their set was comprised with newer material with the particularly impressive ‘Jade Fields’. The anthem sized guitars and well written lyrics show the band’s new sense of maturity and progression and certainly stood out from their set.

The only gripe from their performance came from their earlier material. Whilst it was great to hear some of the band’s heavier tracks like ‘Bliss’ the vocalist’s attempts to match former front man Neige (vocalist from Alcest) in his blood soaked shrieks made these songs sub par on stage.

It wasn’t only here, their closing track ‘Coma’ didn’t have any vocals to them at all and remained wholly instrumental. It’s true the band’s former singer was an integral part of Lantlos but it became apparent that these guys may have been better sticking to their new style rather than trying to revive their former fury.

This being said, Lantlos are a bunch of talented musicians who continue to push the boundaries of both style and form and what you get is something that is refreshing on the ears and revitalizing on the senses.

Watch more video footage HERE