Laguna Sunrise – A Signal Unsure By Andy Taylor

Band Name: Laguna Sunrise
Album name: A Signal Unsure
Rating: 2/5
Distributor/Label: Vested Records/Ingrooves
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Released: 2014

a signal unsure
a signal unsure


Band Lineup:

Jay Miller – Vocals
Nick May – Vocals
Daryl Martin – Guitar
Stef Gaster – Guitar
Ross Denton – Bass
Ben Gaines – Drums






2.Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads
3.A Signal Unsure
4.Heir To The Home
5.In Awe (Feat. Phil Druyor)


I’m not entirely sure when the term ‘Metalcore’ became such a dirty word in metal circles. The last decade has seen a tidal wave of bands, most of which from the States, flying the ‘Metalcore’ flag, few get it right and even fewer, bands such as Parkway Drive and August Burns Red have catapulted themselves into relative mainstream success. Derby six piece, Laguna Sunrise, claim to be something different, ‘Post-Metalcore’, a new breed building on the Metalcore prototype. Do they have what it takes to rival their peers and bring their own style of Metalcore to the forefront of the British scene with ‘A signal Unsure‘, the band’s new E.P?

A Signal Unsure‘ clocks in at just under 25 minutes but they do a good job from the get go of letting the listener know what they’re all about. Heavy, well polished down tuned guitars, double kick drumming and harsh vocals draw comparisons of Misery Signals early on in ‘Underfoot’ before giving way to chugging break downs behind highly Americanized clean singing sections and synth. Unfortunately, The next five tracks on ‘A Signal Unsure’ follow the same ‘rinse and repeat’ formula ticking off every metalcore cliché as it progresses. There’s a guest spot from Attack! Attack! vocalist Phil Druyor on the fifth track ‘In Awe’ but honestly he could’ve been on any or all six tracks and I wouldn’t have noticed, he adds nothing to the track, which is a shame. Overall, there’s a really dated feel to the E.P, it doesn’t innovate and it doesn’t excite.

There are positives to be taken into account, the two vocalists Jay Miller and Nick May have good voices, It’s well produced, polished, there’s generally a good standard of playing throughout the E.P by all and some sections were by all means catchy enough but for me it’s all been done before, time and time again. Laguna Sunrise merge the styles of bands like The Devil Wears Prada, Miss May I and a handful of others to create an E.P that would’ve been more fitting had it been released in 2006 when hair sprayed fringed teens with colourful shirts were in abundance and bands like Laguna Sunrise were in much more demand. Sure, the band are going to have a few fans and perhaps they’ll pull it out of the bag next time around but for ‘A Signal Unsure’ as far as I’m concerned the aforementioned bands got there first and they did it better.

Review By Andy Taylor