L.A Prog-Rockers LITHIUM DAWN announce new album, Tearing Back the Veil I: Ascension

Los Angeles-based prog-quartet LITHIUM DAWN are delighted to announce their new album, Tearing Back the Veil I: Ascension, is set for worldwide release on December 5th.

Ahead of their forthcoming release the band have released a taster single, Tearing Back The Veil here:

Much like their prog-rock predecessors in Porcupine Tree, Opeth, and Tool, Lithium Dawn refuse to be categorised. Their second album, “Tearing Back the Veil I: Ascension”, finds the group merging seemingly unrelated genres into a blend of sweeping melodies, crushing grooves, atmospheric passages, and a whole lot of vibe. With elements of metal, reggae, electronica, psytrance and dub, “Ascension” is a journey that lends itself to an array of instrumental variety.

Comments drummer Matt Benoit: “Writing and recording this album has been a huge learning experience for us. From the beginning we felt like we had a special group of songs so we really took our time and pushed ourselves to make sure we did everything to represent the material in the best way possible. We embraced all of our influences and it was a fun challenge to incorporate reggae and psybient elements into what we were doing and make it all flow together and make sense musically. It was a collective effort between us and so many others outside of the band and I think that collective spirit shines through in the final product. Our fans have been so patient and supportive as we worked through it all and we can’t thank them enough. We wanted to bring something a little bit different to the Prog sphere and we hope our fans will enjoy the ride!”

Throughout its runtime, the music in Tearing Back the Veil I: Ascension is woven with a tapestry of eight string guitars, cellos and violas, soaring vocal harmonies, and lush dub production techniques. Embracing the collaborative spirit, the album also features a number of guests including beloved progressive instrumentalists Sithu Aye and Plini on the songs “Point of No Return” and the lead single “Decimator”.

As the first installment of the 2-part “Tearing Back The Veil”, “Ascension” is only the beginning. Part one of the journey is released worldwide on December 5th. Don’t miss out.

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Tearing Back the Veil I: Ascension tracklisting:

Tearing Back the Veil
Point of No Return (feat. Sithu Aye)
Decimator (feat. Plini)
Edge of the Earth