Kyy- Travesty Of Light

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Saturnal Records     
Released: 2015
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Band line-up:kyy-fin-travesty-of-light-digipack-mcd

G.K. – Vocals
M.P. – Guitars
E.V. – Guitars
J.S. – Bass
M.J. – Drums


1. Death – The Great Liberator
2. Everlasting Fire
3. Travesty Of Light
4. Immaculate Serpent King


Formed in 2013, Finnish black metallers Kyy are a new band to a scene which is now well over twenty years old. Starting a BM band nowadays generally leaves musicians with two choices, either worship the genre’s traditions or twist it almost beyond recognition, and whilst Kyy are much more the kind of band who will please old school noise revellers, they stamp in their own sound here with this four track E.P.

With a maelstrom of traditional black metal spite, “Death- The Great Liberator” opens proceedings, fueled by a fiery tribalism, the like of which Swedish counterparts Watain have recently made their own. This is an album for the adversary, with a rock n roll attitude pushed along by d-beat battery and filthy, Carpathian Forest style riffing.

The versatile vocals of G.K. impress at every opportunity, with shrieks, groans and guttural growls attacking the ears like daggers from all angles. Despite an overall solid production, the clicky bass drum sounds at times take the edge away from potentially booming blasts

Although veterans of the genre will find little about this E.P. refreshing, for those just digging deeper into the underground, Kyy are a relatively accessible act that encompass the raw and the melodic elements of the traditional BM sound and execute them with true shamanic sincerity.


Review by Jarod Lawley