Kristian Harting – Float by Jo Blackened

Band Name: Kristian Harting
Album Name: Float
Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Exile On Mainstream
Released: 2014
Band Website:

Band line-up:
Kristian Harting – All

1. Soul Collector
2. Feathered Ghosts
3. Queen of the Highway
4. Sole Dancer
5. Kamikaze
6. Walk with Thor
7. First Applause
8. Balance
9. Float
10. Precious Freedom

Hailing from Denmark, Kristian is no stranger to the music industry having being in thrash bands in the past and has a history of touring before deciding to step aside and create something personal to himself using his own song writing and alternative noisy pop sounds.

Being inspired by sufi-music, mali-blues, western low-fi pop and avant-garde, Kristian has now composed his own songs using his guitar, vocals, aswell as circuit-bending to create different effects which has enabled him to create sounds that are gritty and noisy yet beautiful at the same time, having diverse electronic and acoustic trips throughout.

The album starts with a drone sound before the acoustic guitar and light, yet strong vocals take over.

I found myself drawn instantly into this album and does has a very intimate, personal feel to it with emotional music and lyrics.

Despite this album coming from a chaotic, dark and desperate place, there is a raw beauty to the tracks and shows hope and love and I found that very beautiful.

For me, my favourite track was track 2. Feathered Ghosts, I found myself having to play this quite afew times, especially relating to the lyrics ‘I don’t wanna make friends with my ghost’, which has a haunting effect, which I just adored.

Track 3 then takes the album onto a different road, making this album feel like a journey which you just have to sit back and follow and simply let go.

Album titled track 9. Float is also another stand out track, reflecting perfectly what Kristian was feeling at the time of making this album. This is one track I’d love to listen to in bed before sleeping, as it has a very dreamlike feel to it, making you literally feel like floating away.

Kristian states that this is a very personal album to himself and was a spiritual journey as well as a physical one, saying “It is my way of communicating freely and truthfully and articulate the ever-changing waves of confusion, emotions, ideas, people, power and surroundings, that is my life.”

The title ‘Float’ reflects on a time where extreme personal, emotional and financial turmoil occurred, which was so chaotic and exhausting that it almost devastated him.

He states; “I had to be like water. Just float. Not think, not try to organise nor control the chaos, the perpetual beats to my chest and slaps in my face. I had to be like water or I would break. Just float around and away. Not crack like a rock or blow out like a fire. It was a spiritual journey. A test.”

Working on this album gave him the opportunity to unload and by writing, producing, recording, mixing, he was able to find his own true place.

Even the label states that this is one of the most emotional and challenging albums they have ever put out, opening a new world, even for them.

“The ever changing wish to explore new territories, geographically and musically brought us here and we are truly celebrating one of the finest moments in the label’s history with bringing you this album. Enjoy.”

This is one delicate, yet powerful album that needs to be heard. It’s a beautiful adventure filled with strong emotion and feeling reflecting on a painful time, which just shows through bad times, you are still able to create something beautiful.