Finnish folk metal favourites KORPIKLAANI released their latest album Noita back in May of this year. Since then, the band have been touring in support of the new album, having already stopped off at Bloodstock Festival this summer. As well as hitting the road, the band have also found the time to film a striking official video for the track ‘Ämmänhauta’ (The Witches Tomb).


Vocalist Jonne Järvelä commented on the story behind the video:

“When I was young, I lived quite near of the witches tomb and I used to play there in the forest, where I always threw branch on the tomb like every other who passed it. It was just “normal” thing to do, so the legend lives well still there. The reason for that is because it was her last wish that she wanted to be buried secretly in the church graveyard, which wasn’t okay for witches at the 11th century. She also made a wish that if she died before reaching the cemetery, that she would be buried her at the place of her death and everyone who passes the tomb would need to throw branch on her grave…or they will face the power of her curse. I remember when I was seven or eight years old and we skied with my school class next the place of her grave and the whole area was clean of the branches. We couldn’t find any, so we needed to ski further into the forest to find some and ski back to throw them on her tomb, including our teacher.

In this video, I play the part of the man that was one of those that made this treaty with the witch, for her to buried as she wished. As I sit there remembering, the crow flies past and I dream of the old memory, but then the witch sees me sitting there watching the old memory as the sun rises. As the old memory goes away, I go and put the branch on the tomb and the witch walks away.“

The track is loaded with cultural significance as it tells the tale of a burial ground in Vesilahti where Jonne Järvelä and Jarkko Aaltonen grew up.

Noita was recorded at Petrax Studio with musician and producer Aksu Hanttu. Perttula’s joining the band added another dimension in the band’s folk arrangements alongside Fiddler Tuomas Rounakari. Jan Yrlund (MANOWAR, SIRENIA etc) of Darkgrove Design created the artwork.

Korpiklaani Noita


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