KMFDM @ 02 Islington Academy

Saturday 20th April 2013
Review by by Sabrina Dersel
Photography by Michelle Murphy

How great it is to have the finest Electro bands play on a Saturday night!

Early pre-party I must admit, with the doors opening at six pm! Sadly our photographer had some issues with the transport so she missed the three first songs allowance to take photos for opening act Sheep On Drugs, but we believe support bands are rightful to be written about so we are using their promo photos instead!

Before heading out to Slimelight; an electro/industrial nightclub around the corner of the venue, for the after party, the “ILOVEYOU UK” tour takes the German band KMFDM their support on a five dates run from Bristol, Glasgow, Nottingham, London and Manchester.

Who could have best opening for them? No one else, but Sheep On Drugs! They are the craziest support act you can get, and what an entertaining show!

Sheep On Drugs are a British Techno/Dance-punk duo, including Johnny and Lee Fraser, aka Dead Lee (guitar/keyboards).

Originally classified as off-the-wall ravers,the duo emerged in the early 1990s with a string of singles, including “Motorbike,” “15 Minutes of Fame” and “Track X” (later covered by Grace Jones as “Sex Drive”).

kmfdm gig index_clip_image006_0003
They blend a mixture of sleazy rock, Hard Techno and punk nihilism into their own peculiar cabaret act of a rock’n’roll band. The singer voice is quite something, especially when she growls like someone who is out of an asylum!

The girl comes up on stage wearing an Indian hat, nearly half her size, and next to her is guitarist looking like Johnny5 only he is playing with a guitar hero instrument.

He is carrying a modified guitar hero guitar, with the strummer section removed and replaced with some sort of touch pad for effects and distortions.
kmfdm gig index_clip_image008_0003
Each songs gets their own props and lightshow, for example as he is singing she burns paper with words on them.I can t really seem the words from afar but I guess it is not about princesses and unicorns!

They play catchy tracks such as ‘Chard’, ‘Motorbike ‘or’ ‘15 Minutes Of Fame’.
One of the song sees her playing and fooling around with a mannequin arm!

kmfdm gig index_clip_image010_0002
She ends up taking her top off, revealing cross tapes nipples, and she gets a black spray can and covers her front with it… I’m not sure I can say if I like them or not as this is the first time I am seeing them, but I do definitely want to see them again!

KMFDM; signed to Metropolis records and originally called Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid, loosely translated as “no pity for the majority”, is an industrial band led by German multi-instrumentalist Sascha Konietzko, who founded the group in 1984 as a performance art project.

kmfdm gig index_clip_image012_0002
The band has released eighteen studio albums and two dozen singles, with sales of more than two million records worldwide, so expecting a great show is quite an understatement!

kmfdm gig index_clip_image014_0002
The band has undergone many line-up changes and featured dozens of guest musicians, and now is including Lucia Cifarelli, Jules Hodgson, Andy Selway, Steve White.

kmfdm gig index_clip_image015_0000
I would say the first twenty five minutes of the gig goes great, they are strong on stage, have definite charisma, and the crowd is loving it…especially the industrial  pompom dancer next to me, who didn’t stop bouncing around.

Lucia wears a beautiful black corset accentuating her sexy thin figure with a pvc red skirt and fishnets, she definitely steals most of the attention, but I can’t help myself to start being annoyed by her vocals”…The sound is not great I have to admit and many people agreed with me later.

kmfdm gig index_clip_image016_0001
Their gig at the Astoria a few years back was way better. I spoke to a long-time fan Marco, and he reckons the performance was average and a bit more groove would have been appreciated.

kmfdm gig index_clip_image017_0000
Furthermore his two favourite tracks “Ultra” and “Light “ haven’t been played. I was surprised of this as well, but when a band produced so many albums you are bound to some deceptions.

kmfdm gig index_clip_image018_0002
The first riffs of ‘Hau Ruck’ put a smile back on my face, but is quickly wiped away when the band leaves the stage, and the drummer throws his sticks to the fans, and the venue lights come on quickly, to let us know to get out of here…the party is over.

They aren’t even playing Megalomaniac? What the…?!!!.
Luckily they come back with “WWIII” and the well awaited ‘Megalomaniac…. Ah that’s better!

Now off to the after party for more industrial sound, especially as all ticket holders get free entry tonight!


Ave Maria
Free Your Hate
Son Of A Gun
Rebels In Kontrol
Potz Blitz!
Pussy Riot
Animal Out
Hau Ruck

Sucks Interlude