KLOGR – Make Your Stand (EP)

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Zeta Factory
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Released: 27 May 2015
Band Website: here

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Genuinely impressed with this Italian/American band, the combinations of differing vocal styles, combined with some very heavy riffs just seems to work for this band, whereas many other acts seem to be heavy for the sake of being heavy, Klogr have made created something with strong musicianship and clever writing. I think my favourite gas git to be the live version of Guinea Pigs, as much for the title, as for the song itself.

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EP includes:

3 new studio tracks, with a fantastic reworking of one of Klogr’s classic songs PLUS 10 live tracks, including all 4 singles from ‘Black Snow’ (the bands critically acclaimed 2nd album):

01) Breaking Down
02) Make Your Stand
03) Breathing Heart
04) Draw Closer (Live)
05) Zero Tolerance (Live)
06) King Of Unknown (Live)
07) Failing Crowns (Live)
08) Vultures Feast (Live)
09) Hell of Income (Live)
10) Silk And Thorns (Live)
11) Bleeding (Live)
12) Guilty And Proud (Live)
13) (Live)

Italian alternative metal band Klogr follow up 2014’s album ‘Black Snow’ and UK tour with PRONG, with their new EP/Live Album/DVD ‘Make Your Stand’.

From the opening notes and machine gun riffage / drumming on ‘Breaking Down’ and the enticing circling guitar work of title track ‘Make Your Stand’  – it’s clear to see that KLOGR are back and better than ever. Seemlessly combining different elements of rock and metal; both songs finds KLOGR showcasing great riffs, hooks and melodies and features stunning guitar solos the likes of Tremonti, Petrucci, Gilbert and Vai would be proud of.

The EP’s final song is quite possibly Klogr’s finest work to date: ‘Breathing Heart’ is a stunning song that echoes haunting melodies and in essence, a ballad but one filled with enough hooks and progressive elements to satisfy fans of A Perfect Circle and Linkin Park. One to watch – listen out for.

Klogr are:
Rusty – vocals / guitars
PQ – guitars
Joba – bass guitar
Rob – Drums
‘Make Your Stand’ is officially released in the UK 27th May 2015 via Zeta Factory Records

Review by Dj Rex.