Klaymore – Justifiably Pissed

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: Independent
Released: 2015
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/fansofklaymore

Klaymore 400Band Line-Up:

Lee Prisby (Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar)
Jesse Prisby (Bass, Backing Vocals)
Bob Moore (Drums, Percussion)
Dan Sudano (Guitars)


1. Burn
2. Peregrine
3. Caught in Your Web
4. Queen of the Sky
5. Out of Sight
6. Demons


Coming at us from the United States is the band Klaymore. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, they are a four piece band that plays a brand of Heavy Metal that is fast and furious. It is reminiscent of the Heavy Metal style that was played in the 80’s by bands like The Scorpions and Van Halen with duelling solos and high octave vocals. Although, it has been updated to fit in with today’s sound, adding more usage of double bass drumming.

When looking at the track listing, the one thing that stood out was the length of each song. Nothing here was over four minutes (save for the final song). This works in their favour as it allows the band to be quick and to the point, without going too overboard on the music.

A problem I had with the music from the get go was how quiet it was. I blame this more on the mixing than anything, as I had to turn my volume up higher than usual to listen to what was being played. (It was just this album as I listened to something else afterwards and it played at a reasonable volume).

The music itself is quite catchy for what is being played here. The lyrics, as I mentioned earlier, come straight from the 1980’s, being laced with humour and innuendo. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I feel it’s a bit dated compared to today.

The instruments themselves are all fine for what they are. I did notice that the drums seem to be far back in the mix though, so I didn’t get much of the “thunderous drumming” the band claims to have. What I did notice were the guitars. They are well played and the solos are nice and not too long, but not too short either. The vocals though seem to change up from song to song, giving the feeling that someone different sings on each song. This is most noticeable from ‘Caught In Your Web’ to ‘Queen of the Sky’. Whereas the latter is more akin to what has been played, the former is a much different sound.

The last song (Demons) is the only one that comes out with bass to be at the forefront. It’s a nice touch for one song, but I would have liked more of it through the album.

If you’re looking for an album that harkens back to the days of 1980s’ Heavy Metal, this is a solid choice to make. Those thinking that the time has come and gone may want to look elsewhere, but I’d still recommend checking them out, if only for a curiosity listen.

Reviewed By: Omega Josh