Kirlian Camera – Black Summer Choirs by Jo Blackened

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Out Of Line – Rough Trade
Band Website:

Band line-up:
ELENA ALICE FOSSI: lead and backing vocals, electronics, programming, treatments, synths, keyboards, piano, moog theremin, studio sound engineering
ANGELO BERGAMINI: electronics, additional programming and keyboards, male voice inputs
KYOO NAM ROSSI: electric, acoustic & bass guitar
ALESSANDRO COMERIO: bass guitar, synth
ANDREA ARTUSI: bass guitar

With collaborators:
Ariel Goldberg: additional electronics
Alessio Rubens Richard Tedeschi: cello

1. Silencing the world
2. Black August
3. Final Interview 1
4. Heavens
5. The Fountain Of Clouds
6. Final Interview 2
7. مادة مظلمة (Materia Oscura – official version)
8. Final Interview 3
9. Farewell Road
10. My Kids Kill
11. Words
12. Final Interview 4
13. Barren Cornfields
14. Stranger In The Abadoned Station

Kirlian Camera are an Intailan female fronted band, who have a diverse sound elementing different genres in music.

Starting off with slow beating drums, Elena’s soft and beautiful voice enters giving the album a deep and dreamy feel. With violins, piano and synths, the track immediately transports you into their realm and makes you instantly stop what you are doing.

The album does pick up, bringing in even more instruments but keeps to the slow haunting sounds, with the vocals being the main focus of the tracks, which isn’t a bad thing at all!

Elena’s voice is truly amazing and totally hypnotic and works really well with the electronic beats, anthemic melodies and cinematic darkness, and this album is certainly one of their most complex and intense releases.
The album has a great sound and production, making you hear clearly the intensity in all the instruments, which are played to perfection.
Track 3 – Final Interview 1 – is a male speech and continues on with tracks 6, 8, and 12.

I don’t usually like these un-needed intros but seeing as the album takes a totally different approach and direction, I think it works really well.
Track 4 ‘Heavens’ is a rather dancey track, showing the bands diversity well.

Track 11 ‘Words’ have a totally different sound and introduces male backing vocals reminding me of music from the 80’s, but with a modern twist and the cello works really well.
The album does slow down a lil too much towards the end for me and afew more dance like sounds in the middle would have been preferred, in my opinion, but the ending is nice with the quiet haunting sounds of a strong wind and synths in the background, making you feel you have just left another world!

The album was produced by Elena herself with producer John Fryer (Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, HIM, Radiohead, Cocteau Twins) with the tracksshowing influences of Pop, Trip Hop, Neofolk, goth, aswell as modern club EBM [Electronica].

This really is an impressive album and one that I feel will be appreciated by many, despite your preferred music genre. An amazing album throughout!