Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Ván Records
Released: 2016
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Band line-up:

TJ Cowgill, August Johnson, Tosten Larson, Lee Newman


1. Holy Christos (2:52)
2. Who Taught You How To Love (5:23)
3. I Wanna Die At 69 (5:31)
4. Our Love Will Carry On (4:01)
5. Sex Dungeon USA (1:42)
6. Conflict & Climax (2:39)
7. The Leather One (2:16)
8. Swedish Boys Drum (2:50)
9. Prisoners (3:41)
10. The Girls (3:16)
11. Shine Your Light (6:06)


Coming from Seattle, WA., KING DUDE gives us eleven tracks that go from a hard-rocking kick to a country-tinged sound, but they make it work.
It has that grit and sense of menace that is missing from a lot of music and grabs you right away.

The album starts with “Holy Christos,” with the deep, gothy sound that brought to mind the good stuff from the 80’s. The guitar is crunchy, the bass is thick and the pounding drums make for a lost track from your favourite band, and maybe from your new favourite band. A great start for sure. ”
Who Taught You How To Love” is a quiet song with a great guitar and drum sound with a nice bass going throughout and is super atmospheric, making yet another great track. “I Wanna Die At 69” is more in the country feel and is a nice change of pace, especially with the grittier vocals and the more menacing sound. “Sex Dungeon USA” is a complete noise fest and really doesn’t add anything to the album. It’s just fuzzy sounding and sounds like a bad punk band taped live with all the crappy sound of kids playing for the first time. “Conflict & Climax” is an instrumental track that drones on a bit too much and too long. “Swedish Boys Drum” is a goth rock song that is almost good, but the fuzzy sound is a bit much, think JAMC, but not as much fun. “Shine Your Light” ends the album with a mellow song that is kind of pretty, and the vocals flow along perfectly and make for a nice end to this mixed up album.

Some great songs, some good, lots of mediocre too, but the great ones are amazing. I’m not convinced…. yet, but I still will give this band an ear when I see that they have something new out.

Review By Rick Ecker