Killing Joke – Absolute Dissent by Alan Chapman

Out Now On – Spinefarm Records

Killing Joke’s sound has echoed though the alternative scene for some thirty years now with their influence being heard in so many bands such as Nirvana, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden and Godflesh.

So it’s good to see them back and this time with the original line up, with such musicians playing together your in for a treat because they have all brought so much to the table, but never watering down that post nuclear sound that is their trade mark but in fact expanding on it.

Again the subject matter on here is as complex as ever, reminding us to look beyond just the music, which can be difficult when they are on this top form, the post-punk rock art band are here doing what they do best producing music for music sake and if people like it that’s good if not oh well Killing Joke was never meant to be a fashion statement.