Killing Cupid, by Mark Edwards & Louise Voss, Review by Nuclear South

I bought Killing Cupid for my Amazon Kindle after browsing for cheap books which looked fairly interesting. The cover art caught my eye first, a scantily clad woman holding a gun with rose petals portraying blood. A second look showed me that the price of this book was only 49p, so even if the book didn’t live up to its first impressions I wouldn’t have wasted much money. Better a book than a chocolate bar anyway!

I quickly found out that readers shouldn’t be put off by the low price of a book!

Killing Cupid is a gripping, fast moving stalker thriller, holding a unique twist towards the end. Taking place in London the book focus’s on the private diaries of the two main characters, Alex and Siobhan. Alex attends a creative writing class held by Siobhan and quickly falls in love with her, taking his feelings to a whole new level. A ‘love rival’ lies dead on the concrete on a cold night in Camden, surprise Prada clothes are bought for Siobhan using her own credit card and a dead rat arrives in the post to Alex’s apartment.

From the first couple of chapters of the book I decided that the plot was predictable and I made up my mind that I knew what happened. Turns out, I was mistaken. There are so many twists in the plot and the characters hold such depth that each page is a surprise waiting to happen. The authors have managed to capture the emotions and anxieties of Alex and Siobhan so perfectly, that you can’t help but be consumed in their emotions. I actually found myself getting annoyed at the characters for not realising each others points of view.

The only real downside to the book I found was the odd out of date descriptions of London, such as there being turnstiles on the underground and at one point Alex puts his head out of the window of a departing train as it leaves Kings Cross. Considering the book was officially published early this year a little more research into the setting should have been done, but other than that I can’t find any real faults which you can’t overcome.

As a serial fantasy reader this book held enough mystery in the real life plot to keep even me fixated and is a great gateway book if you wish to try out other genres which you wouldn’t otherwise read. I also recommend you get buying this book straight away, as self published authors Mark Edwards and Louise Voss have now accepted a contract with HarperCollins after Killing Cupid being on sale for only 4 months and so the prices will skyrocket.
I have not seen a bad review of this book yet.