Kill For Eden – Kill For Eden by Ben Spencer

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/ Label: Self-Released
Released: 2013

Band Line Up:
Lyla D’ Souza: Vocals
Dave Garfield: Guitar
Andrea Basiola: Guitar
Mike Mc Guinness: Bass
Alex Toff: Drums
Rob Taggart: Keyboard

Track listing:
1.Kerosene (Radio Mix)
2. Untouchables
3. Beige
4. Stalemate
5. The Evil That Men Do
6. Living On Mars
7. Fate Insists
8. Ned
9. Over and Over
10. Slip Away
11. Little Wizard
12. Alone With My Demons
13. The Truth
14. Kerosene

Having formed in 2009 with the Sydney soul and rock Singer Lyla D’ Souza and guitar swinging musician Dave Garfield (whose previous endeavours saw him touring with the likes of Ramstein) the quintet had a solid foundation to what would eventually become Kill For Eden. The now fully established line up are set to tear up venues with a sound that spans from old school Led Zepplin to Blondie.

Their self produced album, recorded in Soho London, is the fruits of their labour.
A record that is set to strike raw nerves throughout their ever growing fan base.

Kicking off with, ‘Kersone (Radio Mix)’ the band waste no time in delivering a solid grunge induced riff and bass lead in the verse section. Lyla’s vocals soar high with the catchy guitar hooks, whilst the hard rock lead guitar moments glide by with ease as the song has a well driven pace and infectious bite.

‘Beige’ comes fully loaded with guitar crunch and fluid bass runs that is dipped in angst ridden vocals that give that add that raw element of sincerity to the lyrical content itself. Meanwhile, Treading into more sombre territory, ‘Stalemate’ comes with an acoustic texturing, which works well with the heavy drums and lead guitar prowess.

Other moments where the record leaps out and demands a head nodding approval is in the carefully crafted riffs of ‘Living on Mars’ and the galloping drums of ‘Slip Away’ both songs wouldn’t sound out of place at any decent rock bar/ club on the London scene and are guaranteed to sway clientele with their tight song writing abilities.

Personal highlight, ‘Alone With My Demons’ is an instant hit.
With well written lyrics and cathartic tonality that barges forward with some of the most well rounded guitars and drum work found on the album.

Meanwhile, the sonic driven sound of ‘The Truth’ comes with enough distortion to get the party in full swing with hard rocking punch that the band prove they are more than formidable at delivering.

The production was also something that benefited the experience with everything sounding clear and vibrant; there is definitely an element of clarity and precision to be found here. However, it is the Kill For Eden’s ability to stick to their guns and relentless drive that generates the overall weight of their impact and it is on this merit alone that you’ll probably be finding yourself hitting the replay button for some time.

Overall, this record feels as tightly written as it does satisfying.
With a serious and no nonsense approach to their song structures you’re certain to find something memorable within this impressive offering.