Kenelis – Remember How It Felt

It doesn’t really matter if you’ve heard of Kenelis before or if you’ve not followed them  to appreciate what they’re doing here.
Sure its nice to have a rags-to-riches story (although Kenelis are still largely in rags out of personal choice) but with Kenelis, that story is just a little anecdote that you can take or leave.

The album stands up on its own. Turn it on and you can hear the journey- from the feverish, heart wrenching sound of Nobody Sees Me But You to the quiet, contemplative Drained. Here, on a shiny round thing, five lives and thousands of experiences converge to give you a unique listening experience.

If you want it to be, Remember How It Felt is like a thinking space; an album you can put on and clear your head with. If youre more technically minded, however, the unique mix of catchy riffs, punchy lyrics and pulse-altering drum beats will work your earflaps into a frenzy. Give it a listen. You know its girl fronted rock and you think you know what that means…but you haven’t heard anything yet.

If you’re looking for something a little different to brighten your music collection, look no further than Kenelis. The fearsome fivesome from Farnborough (ha! Put that in your pipe and smoke it) rocked the Remix in Woking this month with their brand new single, Drained.

This is the second single released by the band on indie label ‘Black Grass Records’ and the bands growing popularity certainly showed as they played to a packed out remix with support from Draven and PilotX.

Frontwoman Mel Sanson reminded everyone to support the band and the local music scene by getting onto iTunes and purchasing the single.