Katavasia- Sacrilegious Testament

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Floga Records
Distributor/label URL: http://www.flogarecords.com/
Released: 2015
Buy Album [URL]: https://katavasia.bandcamp.com/releases
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/katavasiaofficial

Band line-up:

Necroabyssious – vocals (Varathron)
Astrous – guitars (Aenaon)
Achilleas c. – guitars & bass (Varathron / Aenaon)
Haris – synths (Hail Spirit Noir / Transcending Bizarre?)
Foivos – drums (Agnes Vein)kabastaisia


1. Cosmic Nightmare
2. Symphony Des Gravens
3. Adoration Of Darkness
4. Eosforou Katavasis
5. Visions Of The Misty Night
6. Order Of The Dog Blood
7. Mater Tenebrarum
8. Virgin Blood (featuring Sotiris Vayenas – Septic Flesh)
9. The Chariot Of Emperor (featuring Sakis “Necromayhem” – Rotting Christ / Thou Art Lord)


Having caught the previous endeavours of Aenaon and Hail Spirit Noir last year, the allure of this convergence between both bands in the form of the recently established Katavasia set expectations high. These guys represent yet another intriguing collective of black metal musicians whose sound harks back to the authenticity of the 90’s black metal scene.

Opening with the aggressive stance of ‘Cosmic Nightmare’ the band display a well measured use of solos and melody throughout their savage black metal sensibilities.

Following up by the agonizing tone of ‘Symphony Des Gravens’, as the opaque textures leak into the mix and the vocals remain as unrelenting as ever. Again the band’s use of lead guitars propel their sound forward with an infectious pace.

Shifting to a more atmospheric terrain, ‘Eosforou Katavasis’ fit’s the bill for the album’s most sombre offering. Highly introspective and immersive, this is clearly a display of the band’s versatility when compared to their more aggressive junctures.

Mater Tenebrarum’ comes with a lucid folk driven ambience and offers another brief respite with clean guitars and spoken words echo in the distance

However, the album doesn’t remain here for long, as the droning guitars and pounding drum rolls of ‘Visions of the Misty Night’ bite back with a scornful bite.

Closing off with a majestic outburst, ‘The Chariot of Emperor’, the steady guitar work and deeper sounding growls. The final moments scale upward to a mammoth sized crescendo worthy of any Metal fan’s time and attention.

The subtleties of this album reveal itself to be more than just a grim sounding black metal output. Under the surface, there resides an array of suffocating layers that is both threatening and menacing.

Review by Ben Spencer