Kaotisk – Ødemark

Rating: 3/5

Distributor/label: Blind Decadence Prod
Released: 2012
Buy Album [URL]: Here!
Band Website: http://www.facebook.com/kaotisk.official

Band line-up:

Andrew Gladushevskiy – all instruments
YK – session drums


1 Mourning
2 Stupor
3 Serpens Mercurii
4 Imminence/Transience



Ødemark is the first EP of the one man gloom machine that is Kaotisk. Formed in 2009, the project isn’t exactly for those looking for virtuoso, near genius musicianship, yet if you’re looking for something that is like staring into a super massive black hole, then take note. This is the bleakest album I’ve heard in years, perhaps maybe ever.
Truth be told, when you first hit play on Ødemark, you begin to curse whoever made you listen to this in the first place, it’s not an easy listen by any stretch of the imagination. Yet there’s something quite endearing about it in a depressing sort of way, ‘Mourning’ is exactly what it says on the tin, we’ve all suffered loss in one way or another, and this encapsulates that sorrow perfectly.
The despair only gets stronger, ‘Sepens Mercurii’ is a 12+ minute white knuckle ride through the deepest, darkest recesses of the human mind, it’s like looking upon a nuclear winter, no colour, no life, just a lifeless landscape void of anything. It’s essentially the musical equivalent of what happened after the Hiroshima bomb, and we all know the despair of that now, don’t we?
OK, I’ll admit that Kaotisk aren’t exactly my ideal cup of tea, but I get what they’re, or should I say he is trying to achieve. This isn’t about blistering solos and a flamboyant presence, it’s about making the listener feel as miserable as possible. I doff my cap to you sir, mission accomplished.

Review by Ryan Spearman