Kaltherzig presents ‘Songs made of solitude and pain’

In the last years, Alexander Krupp, head of KALTHERZIG, decided to take an inspirational break to re-array his musical path. While in the beginning they were declared as the”east-european Blutengel”, they now get rid of this reputation with “Songs Made Of Solitude And Pain” in a skillful way.

The aim for KALTHERZIG was to create Songs with a Synthpop / Dark Wave-sound, that are inspired by Modern Gothic Rock, but still differ from it at the same time. Guitars are turned down here, but the melancholic vocals are accompanied by a piano and real drums, which guide the listener through “Songs Made Of Solitude And Pain”. Next to Alexander Krupp’s distinctive voice, ex-singer Nika Noname (who left the band during recording of the album) and two guests (Sven Rebentisch, Margret Aleshkevich) get their space on the microphone, who perfect the whole.

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“Songs Made Of Solitude And Pain” heralds a new era in the story of KALTHERZIG and shows, that it is still possible, to create a very own sound, nowadays. The album is available form March 28th 2014 on all digital stores as well as via the bands’ Bandcamp page on CD.

Belarusian band KALTHERZIG has developed from “Eastern European Blutengel” title, assigned by many different musical critics after debut performance on the stage of “Deti Nochi” festival in 2008, to innovations in the field of crossing darkwave and synthgoth with modern gothic rock from now. The unique atmosphere of their music is still able to embrace the listener with soft and smooth lines of melodies, drawing on a canvas of emotions.

The new full-length album “Songs Made Of Solitude And Pain” heralds a new era in the story of KALTHERZIG and shows, that it is still possible to create a very own sound today. Musicians decided not to stop there. They also reconsider the stuff created before and integrate it into the new stylistic reality.  There are still no guitars, but real drums rock catchy and expressive vocal lines supported by the bright melodies of synthesizers and classic instruments (piano and strings) sounds.

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In the past vocalists Alice (2009-2011) and Nika NoName (2010-2012) were in line-up as well as band leader, singer-songwriter Alexander Krupp. With their participation KALTHERZIG recorded “The First Cold” (2011, Batleth Records) album, “Separated” (2009, double maxi-single) and “Dead/Angels” (2011) web-singles. The new “Songs Made Of Solitude And Pain” CD was created by Alexander Krupp (vocals, music, lyrics), Alaksiej Korań (drums), Nika NoName (vocals, lyrics/left the band during recording sessions), as well as special guests: vocalists Sven Rebentisch and Margret Aleshkevich.

Songs of KALTHERZIG were included in compilations, released by the biggest polish gothic web-portal — Altergothic.pl: “Shadow Places: Selected Tracks From The Darker Side” (2010) and “Shadow Places: Halflights” (2011). KALTHERZIG also shared the concert stage with such acts as Covenant, Eden Synthetic Corps, Otto Dix, Roman Rain, Stillife etc., and played on many local thematic festivals including “Chorna Rada Deti Nochi” (2008), CYBERFRONT (2011) and DARK ENTRIES OPEN AIR (2010). The band collaborated with Mechanical Moth, Rebentisch, Controlled Collapse, Lily Of The Valley, Waves Under Water, Diversant13.

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With the lapse of time the approach to songwriting became more serious. Stylistic bounds were remained farther behind, opening way for expression and distinctiveness. The themes of egocentrism, strong personality and self-identity took their place alongside with typical love lyrics:

“The time is out
It’s a final moment of my breath
And I am proud
My way was hard, but it was me”

“The forty years of desert trip
He holds your hand and leads you to nowhere
You are still blind, but you believe
You’re broken and famished, but you still follow”

KALTHERZIG is the band that wholeheartedly seeks to the listener! Therefore, the musicians endeavour to offer several concert programs for different sized venues and bring own music there, where many don’t even dare. Musical experiments have allowed not only to get rid of a cliché, but also reach a new quality level.



2014 – Songs Made Of Solitude And Pain (album)

Release date: 28 March 2014
Label: Cold Insanity Music

2013 – Single (web-single)

Release date: 22 November 2013
Label: af-music / Internet release

2011 – Dead/Angels (web-single)

Release date: 12 September 2011
Label: Batleth Records / Internet release

2011 – The First Cold (album)

Release date: 15 April 2011
Label: Batleth Records

2009 – Separated (double-web-single)

Release date: November 2009
Label: Internet release

2008 – Sip the Entity (promo EP)

Release date: September 2008
Label: self-released