Kalmah – 12 Gauge by Alan Chapman

Out now on Spinefarm Records
Web Site – www.kalmah.com

The great thing about writing reviews is it’s made me go out looking for albums to write about as you probably noticed I only write about what I like, but I will take a chance on most things, which means any pre conceived ideas about any style of music I might have are put to one side and I just work out whether I like bands output or not.

This  was a good thing for this album, because usually any band that play any sort of Death Metal makes me turn it straight off straight away, but  Kalmah have opened my eyes/ears with one hell of a offering of melodic death metal.

From the opening start you know you’re in for a ride of your life.
Doing everything a good metal album should but with that added extra that makes it special. The lead playing for starters grabs your attention, this guy is good and it’s not widdling for the sake of it. He adds depth to music which in itself and gas  a very tight rhythm section, as well as good written songs and vocals that growl, but know what is being sung about(my pet hate for most Death Metal is I hated the vocal style hiding behind growls just because you can’t sing shouldn’t be allowed, as this vocalist shows you can bring a talent to the music).

You have an album which is up there with the best Dark Tranquillity just more pounding and I reckon if your into metal of any type, then  give this a go because this goes beyond it’s own genre.