Kaleidobolt – S/T

Rating: 4/5
Released: 2015
Label: Pink Tank Records
Buy Album [URL]: http://kaleidobolt.bandcamp.com/
Band Website:  https://www.facebook.com/kaleidobolt?fref=ts

Band line-up: Kaleidobolt final

Vocals/Guitar – Sampo
Bass – Marco
Drums – Valtteri


1.       Rocket To The Moon
2.       Momentum
3.       Into The Crevasse
4.       Liskodisko
5.       Mountain Man
6.       Showdown


Kaleidobolt; a name that simultaneously makes us think of kaleidoscopes and thunderbolts and if that wasn’t the intention we don’t know what was. Coming straight out of Helsinki, this self-titled debut is absolutely bursting with psychedelic influences all turning over one another like said kaleidoscope. You’re never sure exactly where they’ll fall but they make some damn pretty patterns. The thunderbolt is the sheer energy and enthusiasm jumpstarting the whole thing.

Forget the first track proper for a moment though (although ‘Rocket To The Moon’ is fine alright) because ‘Momentum’ is the bomb. A fast-paced thrashy start melts into beautiful 70s classic rock grooves as Sampo’s vocals fly above. Ah, but then it skids to an almost halt, a slow heartbeat bass line, psyched out guitars, a groove that hits the sweet bit of your brain. It’s goddamn awesome is what it is. And then to hit you with a guitar solo that feels completely off-the-cuff but perfectly timed in the closing moments, ah but that’s how you do it.

The awesomely named ‘Liskodisko’ has a proper jammy, jazzy feel, led astray by hot string solos, whereas ‘Mountain Man’ wrestles doom and stoner, whilst Sampo showing his ability to get rough with the vocals. ‘Showdown’ basically spaces out for about ten minutes in true 70s homage. You could say Kaleidobolt were born 40 years too late or you could say they were born at just the right time to help make sure this type of shiz still gets played.

Go on, press your ear against ‘Kaleidobolt’. We think you’ll hear things taking shape quite quickly. And isn’t it good.

Review by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs