Jupiter Zeus – On Earth by Lee Carter

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Magnetic Eye Records
Released: 2014
Buy Album: http://magneticeyerecords.bandcamp.com/album/on-earth
Band Website: http://www.jupiterzeus.com

Jupiter Zeus On EarthBand Line-up:

Aidrian Vudrug – Drums,
Simon Staltari – Guitar & Vocals,
Jeremy Graham – Bass,
Michael Lawson – Guitar.

Track Listing:

1. Waves
2. Over
3. Cosmic
4. I Am
5. Psychotic Seeds
6. Talkback Caller
7. Divinity
8. The Sum Of
9. Co-Creators
10. Waiting In A Line
11. State Of Mind


Australians JUPITER ZEUS debuted their EP “The Green Mosquito” in 2011 and it marked a change in style from their previous incarnation of NEBULA (not the post FU MANCHU band of Eddie Glass). Originally a metal/thrash act whilst under their earlier guise, they shifted into a more psychedelic rock style that subtly insisted upon the listener; captivating them and ingraining their songs in the mind. “The Green Mosquito” was well received and the band has gone on record to say that their album “On Earth” is a continuation of that. Does it match what they achieved in 2011?

It does indeed. “On Earth” is leaden; heavy, weighty and powerful whilst soliciting a subtle hypnotism that is just so insistent upon the listener. The album rumbles along at a mid-tempo pace and the riffs are finely balanced between straight-forward rock and swirling psychedelia – you don’t know whether to bang your head or to just sit back and enjoy the moment. Opener “Waves” carries the listener along in a gentle, yet melancholic manner befitting of being adrift at sea, whilst the “I am” refrain in the titular song drones and ploughs its way into the mind.

But it isn’t all hypnotic psychedelic rock. Tracks like the upbeat “Cosmic Rays” and “The Sum Of” bring a near dance-like quality to the fold yet it’s “Psychotic Seeds” that holds the biggest surprise. Thundering along with Simon Staltari’s croon lulling you through, the song suddenly throws you for a loop with a blistering shred solo that emerges right from out of the blue. But blink and you’ll miss it as the song lurches to it’s choral refrain. It is most welcome and presents variety to the album; further enhancing it.

The performances on display are top notch and Staltari’s aches with emotion amidst the esoteric feel of the music. It is not just heavy aurally but emotionally too and it makes it just that bit better. The performances are supplemented by the strong production; with everything well balanced and placed well in the stereo field. The bass plays a key role over the course of “On Earth”, offering a rumbling anchor alongside the drums, whilst the guitars and vocals wind through those hazy riffs. The playing isn’t flashy or technical and does what it needs to do in order to craft heavy and winding music.

For those who like their rock a little hazy/psychedelic or on the stoner side, this one is for you. JUPITER ZEUS have certainly picked up where they left off on their EP and they can be proud of their efforts here. Heavy, soft; brooding and upbeat; the album is awash with colour and ensures that there is something to be found for any rock fan.

Review by Lee Carter