Jupiter Hollow – Odyssey (EP)

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Self-Release
Distributor/label URL: None
Released: 13th January 2017

Band line-up:jupiterhollow

Grant Mackenzie – Guitar, Bass and Synths
Kenny Parry – Vocals, Drums and Synths



1. Deep In Space
2. Ascending
3. Hades Heart
4. Over 50 Years
5. Odyssey




Jupiter Hollow have given the world five songs of progressive brilliance. For such a young duo hailing from Barrie, Ontario they pack a serious punch. They are great musicians and have crafted an amazing voice which touches on a range of progressive cliches but with a twist of more ambient music. Their music shows maturity beyond their age and out of the five songs on this EP my personal favourite is ‘Ascending’. This track opens with a strong sense of prog bands like Pink Floyd but then show a modern edge as the track develops. All five songs are very strong and I would certainly listen to this again, several times.

Its hard to believe that they only started in 2015 and have self produced such a great sounding EP. From the reviews I’ve read about the band they are creating many positive waves as they continue to grow and I can see why. I think perhaps the one thing they could do is look to define a stronger sense of individuality as I do find myself thinking of Rush whenever, I hear the vocals. However, there are so many strong elements to what they have given here I think this may come as they mature.

In conclusion Jupiter Hollow are a band to look out for and have a promising future. They write great songs and touch on several genres within the progressive umbrella. If you like Rush, Tool and perhaps Tesseract then this band will certainly appeal. In fact I would say they have appeal beyond just this label and have the potential to grow into bigger markets with the right support and management. Well done, a fantastic EP.



Review by: Nidge Sanders