Josh Howie – Jewish Stand-up Comic, by Jacques TwoTone

As you may have noticed, from the articles that I’ve been writing for however long it is now, I am quite the fan of stand-up comedy. One of the upshots of this is hitting the random basement comedy clubs and seeing the new talent before everyone else catches it on whichever topical panel show they are hired to perform on at any given time.
One of the better ones of these is the 99 Club in Leicester Square – Hidden so very well in the Storm Club that noone would even guess is a comedy club, let alone one of the better ones out there. A proper closed in atmosphere where some great names have arisen from.

This particular night, we had the bizarre Spencer Brown – He had some great gags, but alas due to some twat in the crowd, didn’t progress far through his act as he was dealing with them for most of his, shamefully brief set.

We also had Greg Davies, of the superb We Are Klang. For all of those who like their comedy somewhat more generic, he’s also the tall guy from The Inbetweeners. A solid set discussing his school days, delivering great memories and reminding everyone of just how stupid school kids can be.

Now, onto the main focus of the article.
The headline act this evening happened to be Josh Howie. Not a name I was too familiar with, I can safely say that he had me wetting myself within the first few moments.

“Some girl in the crowd shouted at me “SPECSAVERS!” so I looked at her and shouted “Atkins!”

There are a lot of people who think that there’s no such thing as a funny Jewish person. To this people, I say “Fuck off, Hitler.” This man simply proves my point to be true. Bringing along a wonderful mix of the surreal, the offensive and the just plain stupid, he ticked all the boxes for a good night out.

“I try to avoid the Jewish stereotypes. They’re ten a penny. Which is a great deal.”
There were moments that did leave me wondering where he was going with it and there were a few jokes that fell flat on their face. Nonetheless, once he had built the momentum up, there was no stopping him. Returning to previous gags delivered with aplomb and being surprisingly charismatic for a man with such a self-deprecating manner.

“I had a bit of a Freudian Slip the other day. I tripped on a banana peel and then fucked my mum.”

A shame, however, that his audience participation moments weren’t too amusing. Considering it was a comedy night he didn’t seem to be able to handle the crowd whenever they bantered with him. All the gags he threw at them were well rehearsed and, while amusing, sadly lacking in the spontaneity that brings so much more joy to a comedy gig for all concerned.
“I’ve got a cock like a baby’s arm. A black baby’s arm! I don’t even get that one myself…”

All in all, he was easily the best act of an evening filled with superb performances. Make sure you check him out while you can, in a basement comedy club near you. Totally worth the effort and the entry fee alone. Although the bar was a bit steep. Try to get leathered before you show up, if that’s your desire.