Jonbar Hinge is a rock band from Switzerland, playing a heavy stoner ­like music at the crossroads of progressive, post-­rock and metal genres. Today the band have unveiled “Dear“, the first track from their upcoming self-titled debut full-length album. 

Jonbar Hinge


With this song, the stoner heads from Jonbar Hinge are setting the perfect mood: heavy & groovy drumming with perfectly massive riffing. The vocal lines, sometimes smooth and sometimes really bad ass, will stick to your head for years… This is high quality heavy rock at its fucking best!

It took us some time to create and complete this 5­-track album…but we have succeeded in making it happen. And this is what we are presenting to you today” – Jonbar Honge

Do you know the feeling that strikes you when you’re driving down the highway listening to a certain kind of music and you automatically cross the speed limit? Well, that’s exactly the feeling you get when listening to Jonbar Hinge‘s first record ­ except you drive much faster!

The road leads through growling storm and thunder, directly into sometimes pounding, sometimes rolling soundscapes that won’t just let you go. But every now and then the sky clears, you lose touch with the ground and take off, carried away by floating riffs. Just before a massive wall of sound takes you back down to earth. Jonbar Hinge’s mix of stoner ­rock with a hint of post rock and 70s ­spirit will take you to a complete new level of musical experiences!
Jonbar Hinge Album


01. Dear
02. You’ll Be A Man
03.The Noise In My Head
04. The Front
05. Drive