John Wilkes Booth – Useless Lucy by Tony Bliss

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: Independent
Released: July 22nd 2014
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John Wilkes Booth - Useless Lucy


Kerry Merkle- Yipes
Christian Horstmann- Drums
Jason Beickert- Guitar
Harry- Bass


1. From The North
2. Masturbation Song
3. Six One
4. 13 Years
5. Soak The Perimeter
6. Ladder & Vacuum
7. Intro 2 (Lick My Spacesuit)
8. Family Crest


A hip swinging testament to the time honoured power of riff fueled anthemia, John Wilkes Booth take the traditonal blueprint of southern swagger and big chorus bluster, delivering a whiskey drenched forty minutes in debut full length ‘Useless Lucy’.

The mid tempo stomp of curtain raiser ‘From The North’ stakes itself somewhere between a particularly wayfaring Soundgarden and a slight whiff of Zeppelin majesty, whereas ‘Ladder And Vacuum’ ups the funk with a danceable strutt and some sparse instrumentation. There is a tangible sense of drawling, deep south bravado here, encapsulated flawlessly in the amiablbe hooks offered, and although the languid pace of the tracks does occasionally prove to dampen any momentum, there is usually a searing guitar lead or infectious vocal refrain to fall back on.

‘Useless Lucy’ does little that we haven’t heard more than enough of before, yet the song writing know how and melodic verve on display bodes well for the future evolution of John Wilkes Booth. Rocking with all the traditional muscle of our most esteemed heritage acts, the band have set out their stall as a highly competent bluesy groove machine, yet we get the feeling that their is so much more to come.