JOE & RICHS MONTHLY ITCH: Joey Jordinson / Earache Records / Metallica / Rob Zombie and loads more!

Join Joe & Rich on an unstoppable psychedelic journey of idiocy through their own incessant musings on random topics passing their peripheral vision.

This episode: Joey Jordinson re-brands Scar the Martyr / Earache Records States Bound / Metallica’s Co-Manager has words for YouTube / Rob Zombie Album Sales Predictions / Rammstein Album Banned in Germany / Gig Ticket Scalpers & Touts / Corey’s Corner / Brian Johnson Hearing Update / Belgium Demands ACDC refunds in epic numbers / Dave Mustaine explains line-up changes / Nic Cage vs. Vince Neil / Ozzy Splits with Sharon / Devin Townsend Autobiography.