Jett Black @ Camden Underworld

18th May 2011, Review & Photography by Sabrina Dersel

Judging by the ‘Dress to Impress’ Rock Chicks waiting patiently at the front row of the stage next to me, I am expecting a Motley Crue like band to emerge soon! Lights off, the crowd cheer & Jett Black invade the stage, and owns it from the first second. These 4 UK guys are born to Rock!
Opening with “Two Hot Girls” and “Motherfucker”, the Underworld becomes a karaoke, this band has fans and very dedicated ones.

The atmosphere is brilliant, the singing is shared between the two guitarists and I have to admit Jon Dow does a better job at it, and it is not because he is shirtless!

Supported by killer riffs, ear shredding solos, catchy lyrics and huge hooks, their performance is delivered with a no bullshit attitude and a tight as hell live show!

I knew nothing about Jett Black before this show, but I was pleasantly surprised. If you re a fan of the late 80s/early 90s style of hard rock, without the hairdo, then you will definitely like them.

The band is having a lot of fun on stage, which spreads to most of the audience. Having supported bands like Whitesnake and played Festivals already, it is a nice feeling to see them on the intimate stage of the Underworld tonight.

With the rock ballad ‘Not Even Love’ ,Jett Black shows how good they are at rocking hard as well as turning it down a bit and still owns the place.

‘Get Your Hands Dirty’ the title track of their CD is a punching anthem, all is good in this song! This is how it s done and Jett Black got it.

I’m now all sweaty and left wanting more! I can’t say one bad thing about this band except that I would like to see them headline to get more time of their awesome music!

Two hot girls, Motherfucker, Slip it ON, When it comes to Lovin, Not Even Love, LTMT, Fooled By A Rose, Sleep, Get YOur Hands Dirty, Dangerzone