Jason Rouse, by Jacques TwoTone

You’re probably going to notice a theme running along here when I write about comedians. Most of them tend to be sick, twisted perverts. Essentially, my kind of people. To me, there isn’t a subject that I consider too far or too much to joke about. Much to the chagrin of many people. Don’t worry, I’ll wait here whilst you go and look up the meaning of “chagrin”

Are we all back in the room? Good. Then I’ll continue.

This months comedian in the spotlight is, admittedly, someone who I’ve not actually heard much of. But what I have heard has made quite the impression on me. It’s pure, balls out offensive comedy. Nothing quite so clever as Doug Stanhope or Bill Hicks, with their twisted views on society revealing a logic not often seen but so frequently needed.
No, Jason Rouse is essentially shock humour. He’s also canadian, but we won’t hold that against him for the sake of this review as he’s tried to atone for that sin by moving to London. There are no clever subtleties to be had here. Just filthy, hideous observations and graphic imagery that, quite frankly, you probably don’t want to hear whilst you’re eating. The open tin of mushroom soup gag is probably more than most people will take. In fact, he’s certainly not for everyone.

Don’t get me wrong, I can see that some people aren’t going to like this. And I certainly wouldn’t recommend this to people like I did Doug Stanhope, because there is no real substance to this guy. But sometimes, isn’t that what we really need? I just want some cheap easy laughs, not even particularly witty. But it’s all so over the top that you can’t help but laugh as you’re gagging. His delivery is so childlike and enjoyable as well. It’s a very strange image when you’re watching a comedian go into great detail about something that I thought only I would dare talk about in public with a massive grin and a sing-song tone of voice without a care in the world. It’s nice that such subjects can be treated like the jokes that they are.

“I may be going to hell, but fuck it, it’s warm and I’ll know people there.”