Ivory Times – Suicide World

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: self-released
Released: 2015
Buy album: https://itunes.apple.com/it/album/suicide-world/id1060017251
Band website: www.ivorytimes.com

IvoryTimesSWBand line-up:

Il Cinque: vocals & bass
Phil Bertone: guitar
Marco Ferrero: drums


1. Suicide World
2. Hero of Himself
3. In This Middle of Nowhere
4. Prejudice
5. Ivory Times
6. Ready to Fight
7. Selling My Soul
8. Madness
9. A Liar
10. Widad
11. The Breath


“Suicide World” is the second album of Ivory Times and sounds just as sad as its title. The Italian duo – there’s a third guy, the drummer, but apparently he doesn’t partake in the songwriting – dwells within the borders of post-grunge but assumes a fated attitude instead of a spirited, radio-friendly one.

Il Cinque’s vocals may not be exactly top-notch, but Phil Bertone’s guitar skills are good enough to catch your attention – if you’re into somber tunes, that is. Not in a bluesy kind of way, as it’s a rawer rock line; it’s more of a hopelessness engulfing every note. Only “Madness” and the instrumental “Ivory Times” sound upbeat, while songs such as the title-track, “Hero Of Himself” (this one with a strong and catchy bass intro) or “A Liar” may start up briskly but eventually the edge is cut off. It’s not entirely a bad thing, as it shapes Ivory Times’ identity and brands this “Suicide World” as a coherent album. Still there’s a little more work to do in order to leave a solid mark. Maybe third will be the charm.

Review by Renata Lino