It’s Your Funeral, Theatrical Review, by Steve Salmon & Claudia Bauch

It’s Your Funeral is a Theatrical cabaret/macabre tragi-comedic show breathing fresh life into the grim tall tales of the dead and this one off Halloween Special was certainly full of cutting edge freshly deceased performers, live undead musicians and immersible theatrical wickedry!


A small unassuming wooden side door leads us into the dark but enchanted garden.
Even in the dark, the garden was a wonderful sight, with eerie music, colourful but dimly lit areas, that just showed enough of the statues, gargoyles, gravestones and even a coffin on the floor.
Upon entering the house through an old wooden door, we are immediately taken back in time to the Victorian era and its dark, mysterious atmosphere with bats, skulls and cobwebs, which was contrasted with the warm glow of a fire and candlelight.
Just before the show starts, there is a small funeral possession, where the coffin is brought in from the garden, on to the stage. Our host for the evening, ALIX FOX, dressed in a long leather coat, starts funeral proceedings for the one and only Count Dracula.
ALIX FOX gives a short introduction about the dear departed and continued her homage, with a healthy dose of black humour, in between acts.
The funeral party begins with H.P LOVEBOXX, a contortionist mime artist, whose performance consisted of bending and twisting his upper body in ways that would leave an ordinary person in agony.
Following this body twisting performance, our heads are twisted by CARMEN MON OXIDE. She begins her performance, whilst walking through the audience towards the stage.
Her operatic style of singing is combined with the use of props, that consisted of a table, bowl of liquid and a knife, which was used to great effect.
In contrast to opera, the next performer, MISSA BLUE, delivers a touch of burlesque to the funeral but with a twist.
The twist is that when MISSA BLUE starts her act, it is clear to see, that on various parts of her body, there are synthetic latex boils, that contain fake blood. These boils represent the plague and two of her props are used in a grotesque way.
Afterwards we are treated to a live music performance by THE UNGEWINSTER, with a macabre, funny and entertaining song, accompanied by his accordion.

This is one of two performances, with his second song being accompanied by a saxophone player.
The funeral continues with the double act MIRTH & MISERY. This vampire couple are bride and groom, where the groom is asleep and the bride starts to strip and dance. The groom wakes up and does the same.
Things are not quiet what they seem and this becomes apparent in the wild and hilarious climax. The first half of the show ends with MARY BETH MOROSSA and her sword swallowing act, which had the audience slightly concerned, as her performance seemed to end abruptly.
ALIX FOX opens up the second half of the funeral party by introducing THE FABULOUS BAKEWELL BOYS. This stand up comedy duo delivered northern humour in a routine that attempted to raise the dead through a séance.

They were successful; however, they got more than they bargained for.
The atmosphere was darkened with the next act THE LATE NIGHT SHOP…their performance re-enacts a witch trial in all its brutality.
Afterwards MARY BETH MOROSSA returns to unveil her vampyric side.
Her style is burlesque, with hints of self-harming and with the illusion of drinking her own blood.
We stay with the burlesque when CYNTH ICORN takes to the stage.

Her performance was full of energy with inspiration from voodoo, aimed directly at a bewitched gold pumpkin. Her interaction with the pumpkin has her frustrated at first, which leads her to seduce it. When this fails, the pumpkin is executed and its insides used as a body ointment.
The show concludes with one half of MIRTH & MISERY, rising out of the coffin, possessed by the spirit of Dracula.
In true Dracula style, she spreads the wings of her cape around the stage in defiance of mortality and in the words of THE UNGEWINSTER “He is not dead. He will return.”
ALIX FOX officially closes the show by leaving us with the re-assurance that the master has returned.
Simon Drakes “House of Magic” was the perfect setting for “It’s your funeral”. The dark, macabre atmosphere of the house with its Victorian interior, provided a safe haven for Dracula and other Halloween spirits and will continue to do so in the future.
The show itself had a variety of acts that represented every aspect of Halloween in a dark, funny and very entertaining way.

Photos by Steve Salmon & Claudia Bauch