Iron Maiden, The Final Frontier, cover art review, by Sarah Clow

Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier – Released 16th August 2010 – EMI, cover art review, by Sarah Clow

The information I gathered to do this came from an interview with the artist, found in EMP magazine, a merchandise catalogue. The artwork is by Melvyn Grant. This is not Grant’s first Maiden commission, he has also done the artwork for ‘Fear of The Dark’, ‘Virtual XI’, ‘Death On The Road’, and also the following singles: ‘The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg’, and ‘El Dorado’.

The concept of the artwork is based on the quote “ The dark outer reaches of space and science.”

With this album, Eddie has become more dark and futuristic, not so much of the classic Eddie we are used to, though he is there is bone structure and spirit, he has mutated into an unearthly, otherworldly being, as if from another planet.

It’s almost as if Maiden throw him into a time machine and each reincarnation is always Eddie but always slightly different, no matter what shape or form he may take, you always know it’s a Maiden album from his main features, whether you take note of the band logo or not.
This new improved Eddie came from a design of a creature Grant did after being given the concept, it was altered accordingly to become Eddie.

The Space scene behind Eddie and his carnage was part of an idea from the Maiden boys, which works well with the destroyed spaceship and skeletal astronauts. The broken space helmets and the skeletal face of the astronauts could suggest an atmosphere so toxic it disintegrated any flesh from bone. Another theory could be that they’d been there a while and Eddie was just investigating the scene!

The planets in the central background bring a kind of tranquillity to the carnage going on in the foreground.