Interview with Tommy Creep, Organiser of Bristol Horror Convention

22 October 2016
Interview  by Sabrina Selkis

Horror Extraordinaire Tommy Creep presented the second editon of Bristol Horror Convention this October 2016, it was a success and we can’t wait for next year already!

Let’s find more about him and his motivations behind organising the event:


Greetings! What a special time of the year with Halloween approaching, how are you feeling?

Awesome! Mega Halloweeny! It seems every year people are embracing the concept more in the UK, things seem to come out in the shops earlier and more places doing special Halloween promotions.


Horror has a very special place for you, what does horror mean to you and when were you introduced to it first?

Horror is everything! I’ve been obsessing over it and making horror-themed music for a long now. I think it started with collecting Monster in my Pocket and Goosebumps when I was little, the bright green and purple colours instantly fill my brain with thoughts of horror and Halloween.

Is it fair to say The Bristol Horror convention was a success this year?

Yeah for sure, last year was a success and then this year it grew a bit more then next year will be even bigger! This year we added an extra room of content and used a bit more space so it definitely felt bigger.


Sadly I missed the first edition, what was different about it?

Last year we just had the top floor, so if people wanted to get away from the busy main room, they had to kinda get away from everything because there was nothing going on downstairs. This year it was great to see people chilling out in the ground floor bar or doing the quiz in the jazz club so people could escape the chaos of the packed trader room without having to leave the convention.

Maybe an obvious question but what motivated you to spawn a Horror Convention and why Bristol?

I attended Cardiff Horror Convention as a trader and so when they announced they weren’t going to do another one, I thought Bristol could take its place.

How do you select your guests and traders?

I just try to get a complete variety. It’d be easy to fill a room with artists and authors and filmmakers so it’s a case of trying to find really interesting businesses selling more unique products to add that variation.


The Horror quiz was probably my favourite part of the day, who is behind it?

I actually wrote the quiz! I’d not written one before so I did a lot of research into what made a good question and tried to fill it with lots of interesting horror trivia. My experience of pub quizzes has been that they’re all really, really hard so I didn’t worry about making it too hard, especially as I knew there’d be a lot of really knowledgeable horror fans at the convention. I believe the winning team got 21/40 right and last place got 5/40 right so I’m pretty happy with that! A lot of the credit though has to go to the host, Thomas David Parker who really did an amazing job.

The pick of the short films was very interesting, can you tell me more about them?

I put a post out with information for people submit their shorts and then had a brilliant night with some friends and some pizza watching them all and scoring them. It was pretty hard narrowing it down but definitely happy with the ones we [the other members of my band Lupen Tooth– Calum and Nick] chose to screen.

A convention wouldn’t be complete without a cosplay competition, how do you think the contestants performed?

Amazingly! It was also great to see some people there that didn’t even enter the competition but just dressed up for the love of it, that’s really cool. The entrants to the comp though were all brilliant, the judges had a really tough time picking winners and will definitely be creating some more awards for next year for things like best handmade costume and maybe some secret awards too!


I am very much hoping for a positive answer: Will there be a third edition?

Definitely! Already looking at a new venue and planning next years, had loads of good feedback so we’re filled with ideas.

What is happening next for you before the third edition?

Halloween gigs in Wales and Liverpool as Tommy Creep then a load of gigs round the UK with my HorrorPunk band Lupen Tooth!

Bristol Horror Convention took place on October 15th and was reviewed HERE

Photo Of Tommy Creep by Tom Parsons Photography

Photos of Cosplay by Ferez Fee