Interview with Gemma Bunny at Electrik Ink, Guildford

Hi Gem. We know you’re an apprentice at Electrik Ink; how did you get involved with the shop?

Hey! Well basically I had wanted to get into piercing or tattooing since I left school, but it’s really hard to get into, so ended up settling for everyday jobs that I wasn’t that happy with. I was working at a pub in Guildford when I heard Electrik Ink was opening just round the corner. The guys from the shop just happened to come up to the pub I was working in at the time for drinks and stuff while they were working on getting the shop set up….and it went from there really! It was kinda like fate, cause I was starting to feel really unfulfilled career wise!

What’s involved in a tattoo apprenticeship…how long does it take to complete?
It’s hard to say how long tattoo apprenticeships go on for…as a lot of the time it depends on the person/how much they practise/how many people they can find to tattoo when they’re starting out! It averages about 2-3 years….but I’ve heard of people doing it for a lot longer. So it really depends on a lot of different things. Usually the tattooist training you will wait awhile before they let you start tattooing, as there’s a LOT of technical stuff you need to know before you even pick up the tattoo machine.

Tell us about your workmates.
Well I work with two guys, Lee, the piercer…and Lee, the tattooist! So there can be a bit of confusion there! Its cool though, we have a really good time at the shop and work together really well!

What are your plans for your future in tattooing?
My plans for the future…..well ultimately I would like to work my ass off and be the best I can be, I’m building up my portfolio right now so just collecting photos of tattoos I’ve done. Then hopefully one day move over to Vegas or somewhere and work in Vince Neil ink!! Haha, or maybe one day open my own shop….have myself tattooing, a piercer, someone doing hair extensions…just employ a bunch of my friends, maybe have a shop of girls! But thats in the very distant future right now, I have a lot to learn still!

What are the good things about working in a tattoo shop?
There are so many good things about working in a tattoo shop, its really nice finally having a job where I feel like I’m really doing something I wanna do, where I can progress and really push myself. It’s a lifestyle as well, I get to meet so many interesting people, make a lot of great friends and hopefully one day get to travel around! It’s just generally really exciting learning new things and being able to spend all day drawing designs & coming up with different ideas for/with people.

What are the bad things about it?
There are a few bad things about the job! Mainly the having to make tea all the time! That really sucks, I don’t even drink tea so after I’ve finished my apprenticeship, I really don’t wanna see a teabag again! Cleaning the toilet sucks as well….as you can imagine! Stuff like that! Obviously there is a LOT of cleaning involved and hygiene standards to keep up, so Im always kept busy doing that…but someone’s gotta do it I guess!

Gemma Bunny
Gemma Bunny

How much does it cost to get a tattoo with you? Where can we book an appointment?
Prices in the shop really vary, we get so many people phoning up/emailing and asking the price of a tattoo this big. Its really hard to say, as we need to see the design, how much detail it has etc… so we always ask people to come into the shop so we can have a proper chat about it and sort out a price. We have MySpace and Facebook now, so you can check out some of Lee’s work at We won’t book anything in unless its face to face, customers need to actually come into the shop to book anything in.

What’s your favourite type of tattoo to do?
As I’m still learning I haven’t really established my favourite style to tattoo yet….I really love colourful designs and love doing girlie stuff like bows, flowers…that kinda thing! I’m not really into doing tribal only because it just gets really boring! Drawing-wise I’m really, really into script style writing right now and am constantly writing different words in script fonts, its addictive! I’m also really into drawing Japanese designs, mainly dragons as there is so much you can do with them.

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