Interview with Elaine Poleminx, Poledancer

“Foxxy Lady”
Poledancing is the new way to get fit, and its taking the South by storm. We talk pole, posing and potatoes with the brains behind Poleminx.

Most people’s perception of poledancing is that it’s seedy. Prove them wrong?
Pole dancing today, as practiced by loads of everyday women (and some guys) is totally different from its origins in clubs. Remove the striptease part (and the dodgy blokes being persuaded to part with their cash) and what you are left with is something which will bring a ton of physical benefits including increased muscle tone, strength, stamina, flexibility. Not to mention the confidence-boost and sense of achievement often felt at being able to pull off some really impressive feats on a metal pole.

So most pole dancing classes are all about teaching the techniques and artistry of pole. This may involve performing a pirouette or dangling from 10 feet by the back of your knee. These days, it’s known more for its fitness benefits and as a real specialist skill.

How did you get into pole, and how long have you been doing it??
I fell into pole dancing by accident in Dec 2002 while I was looking online for a fencing class (damn Google?!?!?). Back then there were about two pole dancing courses, both up in Central London. Neither were that well organised but one glass of wine and a swing around their pole and I was totally hooked. When the course finished, one thing led to another … It has since completely taken over my life!

Now I teach full time and also perform at gigs with my pole partner.

Explain the idea behind Poleminx.
I started Poleminx in 2005 to bring a toned-down non-intimidating version of traditional club pole dancing to everyday people who wanted to learn and keep fit, and who didn’t want to shlep up to expensive lessons up in Central London. (It was the first to bring pole to the ‘burbs, starting in Richmond, Kingston and Guildford in Surrey).

If I’m honest, I loathe the gym, and loved the way pole was a creative and vaguely taboo way of staying in shape and burning off energy. There is no stripping in the classes but still a bit of (tastefully) saucy stuff along with the spectacular tricks and dance moves. I’m also into the artistic aspect, which means emphasising the way each move can be part of a longer flowing dance routine.

Elaine Poleminx
Elaine Poleminx

Above all, having experienced the positive benefits of pole dancing myself, I wanted to provide lessons accessible to all everyday women, whatever their background, age, shape, size or experience.

Tell us about the different courses available with Poleminx
There are Taster classes where people can dip their big toe into the world of pole. Then the popular structured courses catering for complete and utter beginners through to those who are now performing advanced inverted aerial manouevres (flash things upside-down). There are also occasional Refresher Workshops for practice and future plans for choreographed workshops. Also, people can have private lessons at home or one off pole parties with their mates.

Got any hints and tips for budding poledancers?
1) Relax and have a laugh.
2) Be prepared for some obstacles at first, such as bruises, or a spin just not happenning, but these will reduce the further you progress. Actually, bruises are the secret sign of a pole dancer, flash em about proudly.
3) Never give up (ever).
4) Be prepared for some random drunk girl pole envy if you’re out and about doing some moves in a club with a pole. Even after 3 weeks of pole training you will easily knock their efforts into the shade.
5) Never think you look silly. You. Just. Don’t!
6) Always engage your abdominal muscles it really helps your technique.
7) Totally wear what you like, you don’t have to look a certain way.
8) Having said this, bare legs really do help your technique as well.
9) If it’s something you’ve always wanted to try … do it, you’ll love it and everyone else will think you’re awesome.
10) Check my Blog for further pearls of pole wisdom!

If you were stuck inside a potato with only a rubicks cube and a blusher brush, how would you get out?
I would swap all the green and orange squares of the rubiks cube for shiny metallic ones that reflected the sunlight, then burn the blusher brush in a mini campfire so it cooked the inside of the potato, then add a bit of salt, milk and butter to make mash and EAT my way out. I LOVE MASH!

We want to do it. How do we book a course? (include contact info, website, any myspace and facebook group info)
Courses are six weeks long and run continuously. Places in the next round starting in mid-Feb can be booked online at ‘Book a Place’ page.

I can be contacted at or on 07719 483305, or I’m on Facebook and YouTube

To book a one or two-girl pole show for a gig / private function, please contact me as above.