Interview with D’iosenzanome by Ben Spencer

Diosenzanome de Verbomuto is an artist from Italy. He has become renowned for his stirring artwork which focuses upon dreams and nightmarish of themes of dark mental seas and deformities pulling you down.

Full of bizarre depictions and symbolism and grotesque imagery, his work has drawn a strong public interest and won various awards.

Firstly could you introduce yourself and the kind of art that you portray

I was born somewhere in the dark rooms of my own body, in an uncertain time.
I grew up confused as a the child, the boy and the man who was born on 18th September 1982,
which created an entity continually self-explored.

Doctor in Archaeology (I graduated at University of Naples L’Orientale), I especially like to dig into my own recesses to get lost in the mysteries of my own shadow and to write the story of my being.
I really like every form of art and I like to explore and experiment with it, so I don’t portray only one kind of art, I try to use every form of art that make me able to reproduce my vision(s) .
The subject of my work is inside of me, my attitude is dark, bizarre, sometimes grotesque, with some horror stuff and decadent feeling, so my art follow my attitude.

I try to explore by writing, painting, photography and photo manipulation, everything moves inside, to take from the dark deepness of the mental seas the deformities pulling down.
Always oblique on my precipice, into my own thought internalised, I devour myself in a sometimes bizarre, grotesque, hideous and terrific vision.


At what age or time in your life did you find a passion for art? Where did it all begin?

I really can’t tell the exact moment I found my passion in making art, however I have been involved in art since I was a child. I was very good reproducing the world I saw by pencil and I made pen-tattoo on my cousins arms; they were very happy but their parents not.

As I grew up I was looking for other ways to penetrate in the intermediate spaces of my soul and show it by the attitude of that time. Then one day I discovered photography due to my father’s old passion, and then Photoshop (old versions), and I began to work with both to get a way to my depth.

Sometime after I needed to write, I love writing, so my works are almost always followed by some written thoughts, or explanation et simili. In these days I’m exploring painting, just another way to show the depth of my body\mind. Each kind of art I’m involved in, gives me something different, they follow my moods. I realize that some of my thoughts come out better as photo, or painting, or photo manipulation, or a poem, or a drawing… and I realize that they can be combined to get on higher level of vision.


Your work focuses upon dark imagery and paints quite a bleak picture. Could tell us what are the general themes or messages behind your art?

This could be hard, because almost all the time the message is dark to me too…only working on it makes the things clear.  With every work I found something, every picture is a trip, so we can say that the main theme is self-Exploration; exploring me as a cave, as a landscape, as a temple, as a theatre, as a dark and bizarre city.

The word Vitriol comes to my mind. It is an alchemical acronym and it means “Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem” (Visit the interior of the earth and rectifying (purifying) you will find the hidden stone).  This could be a sort of Gnōthi seautón (know yourself), the message is go deeper inside of you, in every hole, into the side that always we try to hide, because “That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below” (from The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus).

When I see inside, in the same moment, I see outside. Every work is a step of this exploration, a symbol of a magick ritual, a key to a door, a tragic scene.

You also have a strong passion for both photography and writing. How are these incorporated into your work?

Writing and Photography are two tools I use to best show my thoughts and my sudden visions. Usually there is first the dream\nightmare, then the photos and then writing, but sometimes the order is overturned.  I like the fact that there is nothing established, there’s more than a way.

Manipulating photos is very exciting, it’s a bit like manipulating themselves, their thoughts, their own way of seeing, especially for that works in which I am my own subject. Writing is a kind of ritual, a magical work, in which the impulses of my being are thicken in letters, metaphors, symbols and sounds, MAPS to the dark realms in which I travelled.

As in a throbbing matrix, unstable images and letters aggregate and disintegrate following chaotic combinations which reveal themselves, in the obscure tangle of de-compositions, as beginning and ending, entrance and exit from my own abyss.


What do you draw inspiration from?

Dreams, Nightmares and visions. My dreams usually turn  into nightmares but I really love them. The first times I was afraid of what was happening in my dreams, then by the time I learned to know its secrets, so sometimes I changed my dreams in nightmares, because I understand that the uncanny visions of my sleepy eyes were something really important to me, indeed with their terrific scenes hit my body, my mind and my soul making lacerations on the veil of life and making me able to pass into something different: a terrible but stunning not-place.

When constructing your work do you have a clear vision of what you want the picture to end up like or does the picture change and evolve over time?

I never have a clear vision, maybe it is clear for an instant but at the end it is evolved with more details, more symbols, more elements as a matrix of a matrix.

How much time do you spend on creating your art on average? Does it vary depending on the type of art you are portraying at the time?

Well sometimes I can create very fast as a possessed shaman, other times I use much more time, because I need days to make some things become clearer.

What is the most challenging aspect of creating art?

TRANCE. When I’m making my art, I start flowing somewhere in the landscape of my inner body\mind, the world outside separate ever more until it turns as the world within and while I’m going down I found myself on the peak of the mountain. In a few words, I’m there but also in another place, and I really love the other place.

What has been the type of reaction you have received from members of the public who see your completed work? Do you receive a variation of different responses?

Of course, my art has dark, bizarre, horror attitude, so I have received a lot of disgusted responses but  to tell the truth I make my art mostly for me. It represents a study, a research, so if the people don’t like this is not my problem. However today things are little different, thanks to WEB, I found many, many people that like and FEEL my art.

You have also received some positive recognition in terms of becoming artist of the month for motus_tragicus II: extremus_effigies. How does it feel to achieve this kind of success?

To be honest, that makes me feel very good, it is a great joy when someone shares your thoughts and your way to show yourself and moreover when someone asks you to know more about your work, about the meaning(s) and about the feeling, these people go deeper to try to understand and this could be a sort of trip inside another world.

How important do you feel the modern world of the internet is in terms of projecting your art to the public. Have you found your work reaching uncharted territory that would have been otherwise impossible?

Internet is very important, it helps me to know amazing artists, art lovers, philosophers and a lot of good people. Of course it makes me able to reach them and make my art more known in other countries.

When you’re not focusing on art, writing and photography what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I like translating alchemical, magical or poetry texts. Translating words of someone else is like decipher a code, you can feel the author but in your way. Every word opens doors, and rooms and windows and a lot of images flow in my mind. Translation it is like reading, writing and also painting in one time.

What are your artistic plans for the future?

I hope I can make some exhibitions. I should make one soon for Laboratorio Creativo. Then I should be published in two or three magazines, but the most important thing I want is to experiment with sculpture too.


Is there any advice you give to any aspiring artists out there at the moment?

I really don’t know if I can give suggestions to anyone, I only know that I first make art for me (this is a limitless pleasure) the and then if the others like it that’s good too. Make your art, Make your dreams, Make your life, Make your death.

Is there anything that you would like to add that hasn’t already been covered?

mmmm… I would explain my art name d’iosenzanome. The <<d’iosenzanome>> is the divine possession of ownself, the furious search of his own name, which is secret and unpronounceable, which is the exact syllabe of the mute silence, the silence of a mouth which the only sound is the slef-devouring… Key of himself, magick alphabet, word of power, spiritual pigment, chasm of body, the <<d’iosenzanome>>, oscillates between the dimensionless point and its visceral emanation, dissipating where he thickens to revert being vacuous into the hole of his own eyes when looking himself in a self-portrait he sinks.