Interview with Das Präparat, by PromoFabrik

Hello Nachtschwester K., hello Dr. Hyde! You are now the proud parents of the new album „Unschuldsblicke“. What do you consider the difference to its precursor „THX LD50“?

Dr. Hyde: A private destiny – just before completion of THX LD50 – really throws me off track and I was no longer able to take clear thoughts. Fortunately, time is a great healer and we were able to finish the album. This rock-bottom in my life is reflected in the last album THX LD50.
Now, I regain my balance and my life is excellent. Because of this evolution our new album “Unschuldsblicke” is arise more structure and conscious….
Our music is indeed self-therapy, but it should be a thank you to all fans too. “Unschuldblicke” is much powerful and danceable. On the one hand the lyrics inspire for reflection at home and on the other hand you ‘make whoopee’ on the dance floor.

Looking at your website and thinking about your bandname „Das Präparat“, I guess one of you guys work in a medical profession. Am I right?

Dr. Hyde: Nobody of us works in medical sector. The band name “Das Präparat” is so ambiguously. It is a kind of antitoxin or an elixir against the dreary daily routine and horrible reality.
Our music should open an unknown world. You can imagine that you are doped up – but without side effects.

The title of the album „Unschuldsblicke“ is not related to medicine. How do you combine medical issues with music and lyrics?

Dr. Hyde: It is not our objective goal to write lyrics about diseases or to philosophies about medicine.
Of our current album “Unschuldsblicke” are hidden insinuations to the medical subjects like “Fetus in Fetu” or “Mondscheinkind”. “Mondscheinkind” is a vampire story. A Children is reborn as a vampire and discover the world in a new way. Maybe is that the true genesis of the same name symptom “Mondscheinkind”.

Ok, let’s talk about you in person. Dr. Hyde, what is to be said about Nachtschwester K.?

Dr. Hyde: I love her piano pieces. She is a great musician and person. We influence each other and increase our horizon on this way.

And Nachtschwester K., what can you tell us about the Doc?

Nachtschwester K.: Yes, the doctor. I’m so glad if he is happy, cause his gladness is so contagious! It is really enviable on which self-evident way he goes through life. We respect each other and have a lot of irony and humor. It is a great fun. I loved his large-hearted and positive way.

You came together in 2001. How did that happen?

Dr. Hyde: We were at the same scool in the past, but we loosed sight of. Few years ago we met us again and Kirsten sang the refrain for “Tanz mit deinem Gefühl”. This was the moment I know that I want to make music with her. I was so enthuse about her voice and I ask her, if she wants to become a part of the band. Since that time we make music together.

How do you manage day-time job and music coexisting piecefully?

Nachtschwester K.: It’s not easy. Life has been pretty hectic. But if you really want something you can find a way to bundle your reserves of energy and to regain one’s strength. I think it is possible to combine the work and the music.

Dr. Hyde: „Das Präparat“ is more than a free time activity.
Most of the time, it is really hard to combine the work and music. But I work in the media sector and the boundaries can blurred. Because of that I produce a music video for “Emily”, which is published at the first of July on myspace and youtube.

What inspires you, besides medicial topics, to write music and lyrcis?

Dr. Hyde: I’m really inspired of movies, Love, hate, envy and the daily socially madness.

Nachtschwester K.: For every shocking news one song!

According to the press-info, you now combine Jazz and Cabaret with your previous sound. How did you get the idea for it?

Nachtschwester K.: „Das Präparat“ has not boundaries. Because of that we reinvent us every time. On that way we develop new music styles. Original I have a classical music education and after I change to jazz music. I think, that are the reason for these influences.

Your current record bears, as previously said, the name „Unschuldsblicke“. The concept behind it focuses on childhood and fears of childhood. The title reflects it very well I think. Cover and Artwork come together perfectly, too. Are the samples of the girl speaking by the girl on the cover?

Dr. Hyde: The Childs-Voices you can heard of the album are from common classical movies like “Shining” from Stanley Kubrick.

What ist he message of song „Lilith“?

Nachtschwester K.: The song tells a history of a jewish mythology. The demon called Lilith is a awesomely kidnapper and murder of newborns. But simultaneously she is the passionate seductress of sleepy men. Liltih impersonates the fears of the mankind.

The song „Onkel“ is an nearly instrumental piece topped with some melancholic voices. Why did you choose that style of expression?

Nachtschwester K.: It is really terrifying what can happen in front of your own house.
I try to convey the feelings through instrumental songs. I want to say all what I see in the world and I hope that the people make their own thoughts about this. Sometimes it is hard, I know but it is really important for me to create pictures in their minds. With this intention I wrote the song “Onkel”.

„Sucht“ (Addiction) is a very broadranged term. What kind of addiction do you refer in the song to?

Nachtschwester K.: Today it is really hard to be a child. On the way to grown-up are a lot of threats like the sale of drugs at the school yard.

Dr. Hyde.: „Addiction“ deals with dependence on a certain person, who tries with false promises to gain the power. The problem is, that the addicted persons are difficult to let go the person.
This phenomenon- in a normal way- you can find in “normal” relationships, too. The people tend to the inclination to routine and the love to the things which prove sucsessful.

Why did you name the album after the track „Unschuldsblicke“? What can you disclose about that song?

Dr. Hyde:
The title is so ambiguous. The question behind the song is: “How you can batter and misuse an innocent children?”. All songs have same importance for the album. All songs are a part of the jigsaw and together they give the picture.
The peculiarity of “Unschuldblicke” is the unclarity of culprit and victim. You must think about of the song on your own and you find the response.
Faithfull the german motto “ Kunst die nicht provoziert ist keine Kunst”.

Der Track „Mondscheinkind“ (moonshine child) is also featured in the WELLENCOCKTAIL Remix. There are more guitars in that version. What is Wellencocktail?

Dr. Hyde: Achim Drechsler of Wellencocktail is responsible for he remix. It is a friend of us and I ask him for a remix. So, and a new version of “Mondscheinkind” was born. I say it again: No boundaries of musical styles.

A second remix is done by the song „Folge mir“. What is the special moment in the „Ins weiße Licht“ Mix?

Dr. Hyde: I think it is one of the powerful songs on the album. Because of that I want to try another musical interpretation.

Why did you place the song „Spielzeugland“ as the final track on the album?

Dr. Hyde: It’s not a song, it is the outro. I record an old musical clock. I find the sound blend in the concept and is predestine for the final notes.

How about live gigs in the near future? Do you have any plans already?

Dr. Hyde: Of course, we present our album on stage. Unfortunately up to now we haven’t any dates. If somebody interested in us – you can book us per E-Mail:

Many thanks for answering our questions. Maybe you want to finish with some closing remarks?

„Das Präparat“: A big thank you on all fans and for the great support. We have great ideas and plans for the future – so we want to surprise you. You can be anxious to see our new projects.
We want thank you for the interview.