Interview with Chocola Meilleure By Jo Blackened

Chocola Meilleure is an 18 year old French alternative and fetish model.
You can view her work here:

Chocola Meilleure
Chocola Meilleure

Hey and thanks for your time today!

Can you please tell us when you first started your modelling career and how it all began?

I started modelling in 2007. I did a studio photo shoot with a talented photographer, it was my birthday gift that my dad offered me.

At this period of my life, I wasn’t really comfortable with my own image, so posing in front of a photograph was a big deal for me. At the time, the only thing that I expected from this photo shoot was only a pretty picture for my facebook profile. But it quickly changed.

When I saw the cliches, I was totally breathless. “Is that me ?” I didn’t recognized myself at all. I had the feeling that I was staring at someone else’s photos. This photo shoot was a big step for me. Most importantly, it helped me to get more confidence and also get a better image of myself.

Chocola Meilleure

What is your preferred style of modelling?

I like to model in the universe I like most – the dark one. So I mostly do gothic, punk, trash and rock’n roll photo shoots.

How did you get into the fetish world?

With fetish you can do anything. Punk, trash, pin up or really sweet and cute, everything can be done, there are no limits.

Plus, the leather and latex are incredibly good for enhance a women’s curves and beauty.  I finally found what I was looking for to be fully complete, so I decided to dedicate my future’s work to fetish.

Chocola Meilleure
Chocola Meilleure

What future projects do you have planned or what would you like to achieve?

To do some fetish shows around the world, collaborate with fetish brands and photographers, make the people to know who I am. Win the Miss Marquis at the Bal des Supplices in Lyon this year and besides this, I want to create my own Tattoo and piercing shop with my boyfriend.

Did you have good support from your friends and family getting into this industry?

Yes I did ! My friends always supported me through this, aspecially my BFF Grace, who is really important to me. But mostly my boyfriend Matthieu, who is an exceptional person, the sweetest. My parents do like what I do in terms of photo shoots, but they don’t get why I’m doing it..

Chocola Meilleure
Chocola Meilleure

If you could shoot/pose with anyone who would it be and why?

It would obviously be Masuimi Max, she is my favorite model of all time!
She is sexy, trash, cute and has a lot of presence and she perfectly fits into this Japanese character that I love and admire so much. She is a true role model for me, and I envy her a lot to have that much charisma.

Is the model industry everything you expected it to be?

Not really, you always got a part of dream and reality in everything. Well, there is a lot of competition, alot of fakes; girls who pretend to be “model” just for the image and doesn’t even know how to strike a pose, follow the crazy guidelines of a photograph, collaborate with make-up artist and clothes designer, participate to catwalks.

Being a model doesn’t simply mean be pretty and stand straight in front of an objective and also lots of voyeuristic photographers, but you also have lot of great experiences and lots of meetings with interesting persons.
In fact, I met the men of my dreams during a photo shoot !

Chocola Meilleure
Chocola Meilleure

Do you find there is a pressure on body image in this type of modelling?

Yes, a lot. You got to fit into a certain profile to be “accepted”.
If you are too fat, or if you have an atypical look,  you will encounter many problems. Such as photographers who refuse to shoot you…for some reasons that I ignore, most of the people will prefer shooting with the classical beauty stereotypes, the mannequins who all look the same. That’s pretty pathetic.

If you could travel anywhere to model, where would it be and why?

In Tokyo ! I love Japan, the Japanese culture, traditions and also their crazy personalities. They are so fucked up, true artists deep in their souls, and I love it !!

Chocola Meilleure
Chocola Meilleure

What advice would you give others, wanting to follow modelling as a career?

Do what you believe in, follow your dreams, no matter how negative and mean people can be towards your projects, be happy and go for it !!
Thank you for your time!
Thank you too!

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Clothes designer : Virginie Schmetter
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