Interview with Buzz McGrath from Unearth, by Chris Primitive

Before their amazing show tonight at Camden Underworld, we managed to catch up with Buzz from Unearth!

Chris: Hey, thanks for joining us!
“Endless” off of “The Oncoming Storm” was a huge hit and was played over here in every club night I went to. Is there a track off of “Darkness in the light” that you’d want as a club anthem? Something like “Watch it Burn” or the title track?

Buzz: Um. I don’t know what qualifies as a Metal Club Anthem……

Chris: Something people can dance to…

Buzz: I like “Eye of Black” or “Disillusion”. Both are semi danceable, or headbang-able!
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Chris: How long has it been since you were last over in the UK, and how are you finding it so far? How we all treating you?

Buzz: It was around a year ago, or a bit less. The fans treat us really well, the venues are usually dingy and mouldy. [Laughs] But that’s what we expect, it’s not about being comfortable, but about putting on a real good fucking show!

Chris: You’ve clearly played with some amazing bands. Any that you’d like to get on tour with?

Buzz: Everybody says Metallica of course!
I’m a big Machine Head fan, so I’d love to do a tour with them.
I mean we did Mayhem tour with them, but would love to do a proper tour with them.
Good dudes, great metal!
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Chris: Which of your tracks is your personal favourite? Off of all your albums!

Buzz: Hard to say!
Playing Live I like “The Lying World” off of “The Oncoming Storm” or “Giles” is a fun one off of “In The Eyes of Fire”. From “The March”, it’s gotta be “My Will be Done” as it has a lot of guitar goofiness in it. [laughs] Then off of our latest release I’d say “Watch It Burn” as it’s a cool song or “Arise the War Cries” comes in a close second…hard to pick one out of all of them! [laughs]

Chris: Brilliant! Looking to team up with anyone special for a guest spot on your next record?

Buzz: That’d be cool.
I’d like to do something like that but it’s never really materialised, like as in a producer or a band?

Chris: Both?

Buzz: I dunno what we’re gonna do, but we’re gonna release wise. We’re going to start writing a new record at the beginning of 2013, so producers.. i’m not sure.
As far as a collaboration with another band; I’d love to do a split 7 inch with Terror, where they cover one of our songs and we cover one of theirs!

Chris: Sick. Who’s been your favourite band you’ve gigged or toured with so far?

Buzz: Ahh so many cool people!! ‘All That Remains’ are top guys, ‘Every time I die’ are always fun to play with. ‘Lamb of God’ are cool dudes, ‘Suicide Silence’, ‘August Burns Red’.
When you tour you find that everyones really cool and fun.
Ya know in order to survive doing this you have to be a certain type of person, so everyone gets along and hangs. It’s cool.

Chris: Who writes most of the music? Or is it an equal collaboration?

Buzz: More an equal collaboration really.
Me and Ken write lots of the guitair parts as we didn’t have a drummer and Ken programmed most of the drums. Now with Nick Pierce the next record will have alot of his input and Trevor puts his vocals over the top.
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Chris: So it must be alot of fun working with Adam D from Killswitch Engage.

Buzz: Yeah! He’s our first choice everytime!
He knows what we want do and how we work, he gets on with it and get the best out of us.
He’s a goofball like us so we have alot of fun and also he’s local, so we get to record and then go home and have dinner and be semi normal! [laughs]

Chris: With so much amazing untapped music, are there any underground bands that you’re currently listening to at the moment?

Buzz: Ummm… [pauses]
Turbid North on Trevor’s Ironclad label. Definately check them out!

Chris: What next for Unearth?

Buzz: Well we are gonna finish up in June with European Festivals, then back in August for some more! Then second half of August the All Stars Tour with Suicide Silence and a host of other bands. Some stuff shaping up for the fall with a US run, then we’ll go from there!
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Chris: Brilliant. Thanks for your time Buzz.

Buzz: Cheers. Thanks dude!

Photography by Michelle Murphy