Interview with Baz Black, Owner of Baz Black Piercing, Dundalk, Ireland

Baz is a hugely talented and much-sought after piercer and body modifier, specialising in scarification and other custom body work. He is also an alternative model for Dark Arts Model Agency.
Northern Ireland Tattoo Convention - Ulster Hall Belfast

 1/ How long have you been piercing for?

Ten years. I got started in California, did my apprenticeship, then I came back and did some work in London and Manchester, then I was at a studio in Dublin for years. Then a few studios, one in Ardee, one in Drogheda, and now Dundalk.

2/ Do you do many conventions?

I try and get to as many as I can; just with the piercing it’s an awful lot of equipment to bring compared to the tattoo side of it, and there’s closing the studio and all so… there’s this one, then the next one we’re doing is the Dublin convention,

3/ Do you do the London Convention?

I work with a modelling agency (Dark Arts) so I do the modelling side at the London tattoo convention and not the piercing. I’ve been there every year since it started.

4/ How does convention work compare with working in your studio?

It’s different (laughs), just the amount of equipment that you need to bring, but it’s a great atmosphere y’know. Obviously you have the added experience of a crowd which you wouldn’t have in your studio so you have to treat it a bit differently to the usual while still being as professional as possible.

5/ What’s your favourite ‘thing’ to pierce?

It would probably be the conch piercing, a simple and straightforward ear piercing. I also do all of the modification work: scarification, tongue splitting, pretty much all of the body modifications. Any of that stuff is the fun stuff (laughs). I still enjoy even just the standard stuff y’know.

6/ And what’s the most complicated piercing to perform?

I suppose the custom work. Like I did one yesterday, a custom scaffold piercing. I had to make the jewellery myself, measure it up myself. And I do a lot of freehand piercing as well. So yeah any of the custom work is complicated – but it’s also fun as well. Keeps you on your toes (laughs).