Interview with Acherontas

7th March 2015
@The Black Heart, Camden

Interview by Jarod Lawley
Photos by Jo Blackened
Altercarnated Photography

Occult black metal Horde Acherontas have been spreading their mystical and spiritual message for eight years and have now released album number five. This most recent LP, Ma-IoN (Formulas of Reptilian Unification) marks another growth in the band, conceptually and musically, and the Greeks seem to be aging and maturing well.


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Before making their UK debut as part of “A Rite of Blood and Magic”, we managed to catch hold of the five piece to hear their feelings on esotericism, their home country’s extreme metal scene and playing England for the very first time.

Acherpmtas Interview
Acherontas Interview

 Watch the interview here: