Interview- C O V E N @ The Resistance Gallery

Email Interview by Sabrina Selkis

A few weeks back, I came across an advert for an event called C O V E N at The Resistance Gallery in London. My curiosity took over so I went to the second edition. As expected it was a wonderful evening,but I won’t say more…

I met the fabulous organisers, Lucius and Foxy, who describe themselves as Uberwitches, Coven Leaders and Occult Icons. They were kind enough to answer my questions about the event. Here is what they had to say…

What is the purpose of C O V E N?

The purpose of C O V E N is to create a space for people to discover, perceive, explore and express those often-hidden layers within and without, the layers buried in darkness, shrouded in the abyss.


Who is behind COVEN?  When was the starting point of it?

Many people are bit-players in C O V E N. They adopt roles where necessary and they add their own sacred ingredients to the melting pot each time. Lucius conceived the concept and birthed the idea, a reactionary response to his observation of the London clubbing and occult scene; Foxy brought his 300-years’ worth of experience of performance and human interaction. Together, with the aid of our consorts and rivals, we are honing and polishing C O V E N into the snarling, obsidian Hydra it is destined to become.


What do you think was missing or lacking in the London scene to motivate you to create C O V E N ?

The London clubbing and performance scene has lost its teeth and claws. The nature of the London occult scene has become stunted, fragile and infertile. These two things are important in the lives of the organisers, so if nobody was going to do anything about it, it should be us.


Who is your audience?

Whenever you go to a performance-based club, you see the same thing. Whenever you’re on the occult scene, you experience the same sterility. Our audience consist of the sorts of people who, like us, have had their fill of the colour beige.


How do you chose the acts? Who decides who is worthy to be on your stage?

We field a great deal of correspondence from performers, large and small, new and old, who want to be part of C O V E N. We started by giving a platform to those performers who had untapped talents, those who simply weren’t being seen enough. The first C O V E N owed its existence to the energy of friends and acquaintances who wanted to be a part of it – they gave it that sizzling energy, the kick start that any project needs when it is based on a desire for change. If anybody contacts us, it’s usually through email or through the Facebook page, but just as often, word travels, people come to the night in secret and then approach us.


What is your vision for C O V E N ? Is it the beginning of something bigger? Are you aiming at other countries?

Our vision for C O V E N is to embody a reliable, recurring, permanent arena where audience members and performers alike can express their darkness, unflinchingly look into the shadows, in a safe, secure environment. We are currently based in London and when the time is right… well, frankly, there’s a whole planet to initiate into C O V E N.


*would be in your “dream” line up?

Our dream line-up would consist of: Performances by Alice Cooper, Malice Mizer (reunited and resurrected), Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Anger, Nick Cave and Hazel O’Connor.   And on the guest list: Peter Grey, Anne Rice, Marilyn Manson and Cher.


Will we see changes from the current format? If so which ones can you reveal?

If there are going to be any changes to the current format, it will involve bringing suitably decadent walkabout performers, actual magickal rituals during the night, more health and safety risks from Foxy’s costumes and Lucius promises to no longer DJ.

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The next C O V E N event is 30 April 2016 @ Resistance Gallery, E2 9RF London, United Kingdom.

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