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Your new album bears the title “Serve Or Suffer”. What concept stands behind it? Are there any political considerations that may have influenced you?

Stefan: We have been asked several times in interviews about the concept of the album. I have to remark here, that “Serve or Suffer” is no pure concept album. Not all of the songs follow a common tread. However, there is the title song that was transformed into the visual concept for the artwork. Once we had nailed down the cover and visualisation of that mean and grief character, we may have kept coming back onto that topic while writing the songs.
Getting back to your initial question, “Serve or Suffer” is not about Sado-Masochism, but it deals with the issue of might and limitation of liberty and freedom. Rousseau claimed a Contract of Society to surrender Indivudualism of the citizen for the sake of society. Human nature does not fit into that concept, though the idea might be partly commendable. Marx had similar intentions but their realisation went wrong by far, too. The practical conversion of those theories often proves to present virtual possibilities and alternatives to choose from, that have only one purpose: to keep you in line and unaware. We here in the East of Germany can remember very well those methods of the government and there are plenty of parallels in other countries and societies, of course. The songs, dealing with power and leadership with all of their facets, can be interpreted in a political way, as in politics it’s all about how to gain power, stay in power and use it for your own purposes. However, generally we do not reckon our band to be a political band. There are several levels of interpretation of our lyrics, not only the political one.

The titletrack “Serve Or Suffer” is very cluborientated. Did you plan it as a dancefloor hitsong?

Stefan: You can’t influence that. If we had a secret recipe for generating clubhits, we were much more successful in commercial respect. Many things happen subconscius and do not follow certain algorhytms.

Who was responsible for the very interesting artwork and what intention is hidden behind it?

Stefan: I have been responsible for the Absurd Minds artwork from the very beginning. I got supported by Franziska Franke for this one, though. She is a very talented artist in the field of conceptart, matte painting and texturing for mayn games and movies. The two graphics inside of the digipak she made according to my basic ideas.

On the album we can hear a cover version of the Escape With Romeo-classic “Somebody”. How did you come up with the idea of putting that guitar-rock-like song into an electronic sound enviromnent?

Stefan: Other question: Why shouldn’t we do it? It happened many times in the scene. We like the song and the feeling it transports. I have rediscovered the song and thought that I really want to interprete it, too.

How do you stay in contact with your fans?
Timo: For each artist, musician, painter etc., appreciation of his work is the most important factor of motivation and legitimation to continue his creative work.
It’s symbiotic, it’s a system we are part of, too.
For the future, we want to have a more vivid contact with the people who like our music. We are open to any critics and praise, as any type of feedback helps us to get better.
Often we got the impression that people do not dare to talk to us and we want to use the opportunity now to encourage all of them to do so. We are quite handy most of the time!

On your website I read that your stage outfits come from the “Abaddon Mystic Store”. What can you tell us about this cooperation?

Timo: David, owner of Abaddon, is a long-time friend of the band. He lives in Dresden, too. During the release of the EP “The Cycle” in 2006/2007 he offered a cooperation by sponsoring, which we will continue in the future.

Fours have passed since the release of “The Cycle”. Before that you have been much more active. Why did you take such a long break?

Timo: During the past four years, our professional career has changed dramatically. We have dare to start our own business. Thus, the spare time you can spend on your own music is markedly reduced, as you need to keep going all the time…

According your own statements you have “For the first time produced an album from the very first note until the final master without any external help”. How do you feel about it? Do you want to stay independent?

Timo: Serve or Suffer is indeed our first self-produced album, but not the first record from our hand. “The Cycle” has been the same. We have collected enough equipment and know-how over the past time to take that next step and we are very satisfied with the result.
We have our own studio where we can mix and master for other bands, which is what we want to do in the future, too. The advantage of an own studio is the freedom of time, which equals money, obviously. You can rethink the production process, try other ways and decide without any pressure or hectic.

You celebrate your 15th anniversary these days. How do you assess your own development?

Timo: 15 years are a long time. We actually have not been aware of the fact that our first record had been released 10 years ago. Of course, this is a reason to celebrate and we won’t do it in secret. If there is any booker or event manager, or other bands, please, don’t hesitate to contact us. Anyway we want to use the release of the new album to be more present in public. There are some things on the making that we will disclose when all is set. The past 10 years have been much of an experience for us. The beginning was dominated by uncertainty, doubt but also enthusiasm and experimentation with different things of music production and creation. We have gained confidence and experience. Our technical possibilities have increased dramatically and our music became more mature. One can reckon us to be old hands in the business and we want to become older with our music.

You have created music together for 15 years. I guess this ties together as well as there are times of arguments and differences. And times of development in different directions inside of the band, isn’t it?

Timo: At any time when men make their way together for a common aim, there will be moments of diverging opinions. As we come together as friends, differences are easier to cope with and agreements were always found.

Do you have certain criteria to decide whether a song will be written for english or german lyrics?

Stefan: The favourite language for Absurd Minds was and will be English. It’s international and ist better to handle, no matter if speaking about rhythm, poetric metre or rhyme. German songs always get out of shape by a higher density in words. Thus, the song can hardly breathe. At least I perceive it that way. Of course there are excellent german songs. Our hitsingle “Herzlos” is written in our mother language, too.

Do you have some closing remarks?

Timo: We want to use the opportunity to greet all our long-standing partners and friends – Frank of our Label Scanner, Peddy of our booking agency neuwerk Music Management, Alex and Alice (our Lightoperators), Left and Thomas (our Soundengineers), David from Abbadon, Nick and JP of the band Legacy of Music, with who we share stages very often, and of course all our supporters and fans of our music… THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

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Interview: Astrid Kerber & Dietmar Fels
Translation: Leo von Leibnitz