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Hello together, who takes part in the band 6ct Humour and who is responsible for the specific tasks?

Andreas: Rouven is the voice of 6ct Humour and responsible for the lyrics. Ronny and me are behind the keyboards and we compose the instrumentals. And everyone of us has other things to do to make the band work. Rouven does the financial stuff, Ronny does the design and I am responsible for the contact to webradios and together with Rouven for the social networks on the web.
How did it all start?

Andreas: Me and Ronny know each other for about 20 years. We started making music in the 90s. Rouven joined “6ct Humour” in November 2008 and it was a perfect fit! We decided rather quickly to record an EP which was released in April 2009 as “dropping a dime”. Well, now we released “iHuman” in 2010 and that is only the beginning!

Do you have a lot of “Humour” to give away as a special? I think, 6 Cent is really cheap, guys…?

Andreas: Yeah, our bandname. It has confused a lot people already! But the story behind the name is rather simple. In the Depeche Mode song “Blasphemious Rumours” from 1984 there is a textphrase that sounds similar to the name “6ct Humour”. It’s on you to find out!

On your website you presented video-messages on a regular basis. Who came up with the idea for that?

Andreas: Ronny came up with the idea! Rouven and me were immediately hooked and 6ct TV was born!

How did you find your label?

Andreas: The EP “dropping a dime” we released in 2009 was sort of an application. We have been looking over linklists and bandsites for relevant adresses and wrote some letters to the recordlabels that made sens for our music. We had some interviews with the labels and “Sonic-X” made it it at last. We knew quite early that there is a good conection between “6ct Humour” and “Sonic-X”!

And what do you reckon to be the advantage of having a label?

Andreas: There are a lot of new distribution and marketing possibilities for us. New contacts and people that we can’t reach on our own. “Sonic-X” definitely moves “6ct Humour” ahead!

Why did you choose the releasedate of Good Friday?

Andreas: Our CD “iHuman” is about being human! There is no better releasedate than Good Friday, isn’t it!
To tell the truth, you have to release your CD’s on a Friday and we took the first Friday in April and then we noticed: oops, Good Friday!

You have put the album “iHuman” out as an Easter present for everybody. Did you receive first feedbacks on it yet?

Andreas: There had been some special interviews on internetradios and radiostations and the reactions had been very affermative. We had a preorder event that went really well and there had been a lot of congratulations on our social-network-platforms!

What is the meaning behind the album title “iHuman”?

Andreas: The album “iHuman” is about the fact, that humans became less important in a more and more technical world. Actually, human isn’t allowed to be human.
For us, the human should be in focus.
The name “iHuman” is about that was makes a human human: the human touch!

How do you write your songs? Do you start with sound or lyrics?

Andreas: Most of the time, the instrumentals are the first thing that is composed but generally there are allready some ideas for the lyrics in Rouven’s head. During a creativ phase we combine the lyrics and the music to the song.

What reason can you tell us that the CD became bilingual? Do you feel more comfortable with German or English?

Andreas: We feel quite comfortable with both languages. English is the language spoken most in the world of music and heard the most. We grew up with this language in music and use this for our songs.
Our mother tongue is German and that gives us the opportunety to us different phrases and and pictures that we do in english.
We can work bilungual. Why shouldn’t we use this advantage for “6ct Humour”?
The english song’s were double checked by a native speaker so that there ain’t no awkward mistakes. By the way this interview is not checked, so we hope it is understandable!

Who is the guy on the cover and what is the meaning behind the graphics?

Andreas: That’s Rouven our singer. The idea behind the cover is a video by Björk that I like very much! It is a very impressive video in our oppinion and Ronny came up with the idea to us. Both liked it very much and it was a perfect fit with the albumtitle “iHUman”. It was also quiete a challenge to get it done!

Let’s take a closer look onto some of the songs. Maybe each of you can pick his favourite to tell us something about it…

Andreas: “Chains of fear” was the first song I wrote for “iHuman” so it was like a starting shot for me!

Ronny: For me, there is no favourite song. I’m looking at the CD “iHuman” as a whole and I think we did a good job on this and made an improvement to our first EP “dropping a dime”.

Rouven: I agree with Ronny. If there was a song that we didn’t like 100%, it would not made it on “iHuman”.

What about remixes? Do you think of bands that you would love to remix? Did you get request to do a remix, too?

Andreas: Some bands ask for it but we concentrate completly on the production and release of “iHuman”. Basically we are open for every call concerning that!

What can you tell us about your live-shows. How do you plan to present the record on stage?

Andreas: The new album will definitly be played live, but as a nemcomer it is not easy to find locations and the right framework. We like playing live, btw we are looking for a bookingagency that could help us with this!
Furthermore we offer “living room concerts” like the Pet Shop Boy’s did short time ago.

Are there any bands you would like to share the stage with?

Andreas: For sure there are some bands! A show with Depeche Mode would be over the top but even shows or a tour with Mesh, Client, De/vision, And One, Camouflage, Assemblage 23 and so on would be awsome!

You are working with many social networking platforms. Who is dealing with all those time-consuming things?

Andreas: All of us do this work, so if you mail or contact us you can be shure: a band member of “6ct Humour” is on the other side!

Where do you think your path will lead in the future for 6Ct Humour?

Andreas: The way leads definitly to a new album that will be released late 2011 and we’re looking forward to every crossroad on the way!

Many thanks for the interesting interview. Maybe we can end with some closing remarks from your side to our readers…

Andreas: We are very exited about the times that will come and we are curious how the people like our new CD “iHuman”. We try to be in the chatrooms when there is a internet radio special about the band “6ct Humour” and for all of those who want more informations about “6ct Humour” visit us on Facebook or Myspace or check out! Thanks, take care and bye!

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