Insomnium at The Underworld, Camden

15th Nov 2011, Review & Photography by Sabrina Dersel

Finally Insomnium has a Headlining show in London,meaning this is a full set of this great Finnish melodic death metal band, and I have to admit Insomnium was my number one band for 2011!

I first came across them last year when they did support Dark Tranquility, and I was blown away, so it is with high excitement I am walking to the venue tonight.

When I finally secure a spot by the stage, I am surrounded by fans from Canada, and one who did the special trip from Newcastle! He said “5 hours drive it took me and 5 more to go back but for them Hell Yeah I’ll do it again tomorrow!”
Now that is dedication!
Lights off, the Intro “Inertia” starts playing, fans are shouting and ready to explode already!
“One For Sorrow” is their new studio album, and it is a beauty.

Niilo Sevanen s soft dark voice is followed by his roar, and the beasts in the audience are released! It‘s only 2 minutes into the gig and I’m already being pushed around! Nonetheless I manage to push my way back closer to the stage and start taking photos, well I’m trying!

You can understand straight away, why they have a cult status as their tight play is all you can dream for!
“Through The Shadows” is next, Ville Friman on the lead guitar is neat and his backing vocals are maybe a bit off but only due to the not so good sound of the venue. Another original member is Drummer Markus Hirvonen; he does the job greatly and I can’t help but notice a new face on the left side of the stage.

It has been announced very recently that Ville Vanni has just left the band after 10 years of collaboration, he is now replaced by Markus Vanhala who is playing with Omnium Gatherum, another Finnish melodic death metal band.

When the notes of “Unsung” start, it is absolute mayhem, even more than what it was already!
How can I put it another way : Insomnium are exceptional!

Finishing the setlist of this incredible evening with “One For Sorrow”, it feels too short even after 14 songs, but as all good things always have an end…it’s now time to hit the merch stand and get myself a nice t-shirt!